Friday, April 8, 2011

FlogYoBlog Friday - The Heart Shaped Box Edition

Come As You Are, Floggers, there is no need to Stay Away.

I don't want to Drain You, but I need to know if you'll be linking up today? Or is there Something In The Way?

I've tried to make it as easy as possible, and if it's a bit hard, then All Apologies.

I know you're not Dumb, you might have baby brain if you're cookin' a little something In Utero, in which case you need to Milk It for all it's worth.  Check out the rules below, just like when you were at School, and link on up!

I wonder if anyone will link up a post About A Girl or a recipe that requires Sifting?

For now, I'm off to do some cleaning with some Bleach. If I inhale enough of the fumes I might even attain Nirvana.

Have you got any idea why I'm rambling on like this? No? Nevermind*. Let's just Flog:

The Rules
(As stolen from Lori, thus making Baby Jesus cry... sorry)
  1. Follow Where's My Glow? 
  2. Bow down at the alter of Mummy Time; Blog-goddess, all round groovy gal and creator of FYBF
  3. Grab the FYBF button and post it on your sidebar or in the post you're linking up
  4. Link in your favourite/best post from the week (don't just put your blog URL)
  5. Follow at least 1 linkyer/blogger (Be nice and spread the comment love)
  6. The list will be open for linkyers on Fridays (and for the foreigners Friday as well)
  7. A new and fresh linky list will open every Friday. And you will have to link up AGAIN. The previous link list does not carry over to the following week
  8. Because I live in Dullsville Perth the list will open around 7am AWST - I'm not getting up at 5am and the last time I scheduled a post it didn't work


*Today marks 17 years since the world found out that Kurt Cobain had passed away.

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  1. No idea what you're on about but it probably has to do with pop culture which would explain my lack of cluity. x

  2. anniversary of kurt cobain's death? right? around 93 or 94? i was a big fan - was a sad day!

    Gill xo

  3. Yep, 17 years this week. He actually passed away on the 5th but was only found on the 8th by a cleaner. I had only just discovered their music a few months prior so I looked like one of the kids jumping on the bandwagon after he died :P

  4. Lots of Nirvana references. I suspect Gill could be right?

  5. So i did pick up the Nirvana referances, but i had no idea why.
    The first reference gave it away from me because that song instantly came in my head :P

  6. quite sad to think that he took 3 days to be found...their music was really important to me when I was in my teens...don't listen to it now but if I hear it somewhere it always brings back memories

  7. oh and 17 years??? i feel old...was a Year 11 Student at the time

  8. Hmmm.... Smells a little bit like teen spirit to me! :)

  9. Aw Glow, you always know how to keep it so fresh! Now I have "Come As You Are" stuck in my head...

  10. you keep us very intrigued....!

  11. Goddam missed the flog again.

    Ahh Nirvana.Come as you are. The very first base line I learned to play :)


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