Wednesday, April 20, 2011

He Did What!? Wednesday - By Mumstrosity

Reg Grundies, Nanna Style - Guest post by Mumstrosity

When I was in hospital after having [insert kids name, theres so many kids I can't remember whose birth was whose], I wanted new underwear. I instructed DP to go to the supermarket and buy a pack black, size -- knickers that were Bonds brand, exactly the same as 98% of my other jocks, low waist in either boyleg or 'normal' style.

I figured this wouldn't be too hard a task as he has seen my knickers many a time, as 3 babies would show, so off he went, determined to be helpful.

He comes back later with my parcel of jocks (not literally jocks, I call them jocks), I asked him - Did you get black? - Yes, Did you get Size --? - Yes, Did you get Bonds ones? - Yes again. Oh good, I thought he actually got the right ones.

I opened the magical jock parcel to find 3 Black, Size x, Bonds jocks - in some sort of 'Nanna Cut' like I've never seen. Waisties. Not only that, but they had a seam that down the middle, front and back for that "oh so comfortable" Wedgie/Camel Toe combination that all Mothers enjoy wearing after labour..

*sigh* and I had to wear them. 8 points for trying DP.

At least I could tuck my entire Mummy Tummy into them.
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The super fabulous Liz is the evil genius behind Mumstrosity. With the tag line of "Sometimes Mum Fucks Things Up" you know it's gonna be an awesome read.

She's been blogging for a year (at Mumstrosity since January) and, by her own admission, divides her time between drinking coffee, blogging, changing nappies and shopping... probably in that order.

As a 20-something mum(strosity) to three kids, I have no idea where she finds the time to blog about everything from techie stuff to anxiety to debt reduction and of course, fucking things up.

You can often find her lurking on Twitter and tagging people on Facebook, just because she can.

Next week: We cook up a storm with Eat, Roam, Shop!

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  1. perhaps I should have included a picture of me in my jocks, might have got a few comments lol

  2. Hahahaha!
    Your DP is a true snag Liz!
    I'd ask for Nanna Knickers, and my Hubby would return with some lacy G string just so people would think he was lucky to be married to a sex kitten or something. Hahahaha great post! :)

    Tara @ Our Whirlwind Adventures

  3. MY hub can never get everything right either when he decides to buy me undies LOL.

  4. hahahaha. You think knicker shopping is one thing men could get RIGHT!

  5. At least they weren't g-strings!


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