Who is Glow?

Hi, I'm Glowless. But everyone calls me Glow.
  • I'm a Perth Mummy Blogger, writer and champion procrastinator
  • I teach the Blogging for Beginners course to all the newbies through the Australian Writers' Centre.
  • I'm in my thirties but refuse to believe it means I now have to be mature
  • I'm fluent in three languages; English, Auslan and Sarcasm
  • I blog because it's cheaper than therapy and just as effective
  • My favourite colour is purple, my favourite food is homemade pizza and my favourite drink is a free one
  • If I don't write, I think my head would explode... and then my hair just wouldn't sit right
  • My current goal is to be on the Telethon panel (help me make it happen, you know you want to!)
  • I've won two things in life that I'm proud of - the AMEB level five woodwind solo and the 2011 Mummy Blogger with the X Factor Award
To get to know me a little bit better, check out these random 50 Glowing facts. If you wanna skip all this stuff and find out how you can get your product seen by a stack of engaged readers then head straight for the PR page. It's where I show off.

Contact Me

As this blog has been shelved I am no longer contactable. Any enquiries can be forwarded to perthschoolholidays @ gmail .com
___ . . . ___ . . . ___

The stars of this little corner of the interwebs are:

Map Guy - my long suffering husband and all round, good-hearted, kind-natured country boy. He was originally referred to as Hubby but that got boring so he was christened Map Guy.

Tricky - my beautiful little boy, born in June 2010. He's the one who robbed me of my Glow during pregnancy and made me want to write everything down. He's had an eventful start to life, being diagnosed with Craniosynostosis when he was 11 weeks old. One day I hope to combine all the monthly Letter to Tricky posts and present them to him in a book.

Bobbin - my gorgeous gal, born August 2013. With the most beautiful and gentle start to life possible, Bobbin is my shining light. She gives away smiles to all and sundry and radiates happiness. She is more work than I could have ever imagined.

If you need to know even more you can contact me.


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