Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sex(ism) Sells

There are some things in life I just don't understand; leggings as pants, the offside rule* and double standards.

Walking through my local shopping centre the other day I saw an ad for the latest Dr Lewinns's skincare range. I was disappointed and a little bit offended that something so sexist was allowed to go to print. Take a look:

Really? Simple and uncomplicated. Gee, thanks.

Yes I do realize they're probably trying to be funny or sarcastic but I think they've missed the mark.

Can't we have advertising that doesn't play to female stereotypes? If it's not gigantic boobs and legs that go all the way up it's dimwits and morons. Why do we put up with this?

It's a slap in the face to Feminists everywhere. Yes, I'm a Feminist. It's the other F word. Like Cheris Kramarae and Paula Treichler said, I believe that "Feminism is the radical notion that women are people".

But look a little closer...

This is the real ad I saw. It says men, not women (I know, I know, my photo editing skills are awesome, I'm expecting the graphic design job offers to come pouring in now).

If the ad genuinely said women were 'simple' there would have been women getting their knickers in a knot, and rightly so. But saying men are simple? Well that's just hunky dory because sexism doesn't count for men, right? Just like you can only be ageist if you're young and racist if you're white. Whatever.

If women don't like being called simple, why would men?

If the only way we can feel better about ourselves as women is by ridiculing men then we still have a lot to learn.

Do you think there a sexism double standard in advertising?

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*Please don't leave an explanation of the offside rule as a comment, I do actually understand the offside rule, I just don't understand the offside rule.

EDIT: I realize I do the He Did What!? Wednesday guest posts but if you look back at the original post, they're not about man-bashing. They're about venting on a partner. Men and women are welcome to submit about their male or female partners - as yet, only women have submitted a post about their male partners. 
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  1. Yes, yes I do.

    But you're more likely to see it against women, and for men you're more likely to see homophbic content against gay or "less blokey" men.

  2. Never mind the fact that is is so "simple" that they tout six products....

  3. Well aren't you clever & you certainly tricked me. Great, thought provocking post. Double standards exsist in many facets in society and honestly I don't always recognize them. Thank you for the reminder to "look both ways"

  4. Gah!! I dislike posting a comment only to find a spelling mistake!! Ah well, carry on. :)

  5. Definitely. There are ads where the man cant' cook so must get takeaway. Remember the teenage boy doing a packet stirfry with his mum giving instructions on the phone and she had to call back to make sure he had poured the sauce out of the packet and not put the whole pastic thing in like he actually had?

    I think you are right, we would never put up with such slurs against women, why do we (and why do men) put up with it against men?

  6. Oh i love this post.
    It started off shaky for me because i am much like you, it all goes both ways, you can't bitch that you don't like being grouped into this and that and then sterotype it upon others.
    You can't say "I'm not racist, it's all the white people who are" when that statement in itself IS racist.
    Just like you can't make jokes at others expense if you can't take a joke at your own. It's a 2 way street this thing called life.

  7. Definitely.

    I don't think it's just in advertising. I'm all for women's rights but when a men's clinic is closed due to complaints of sexism, yet women's clinics are opened that just isn't fair in my book. It's the same with gyms.

    I'm for equal rights for all people regardless of gender, race, age, sexual preference or 'attractiveness'. Advertisements like this does not promote equality nor do what I mentioned above. If anything it makes women look stereotypically bitchy.

  8. Pisses me off really. Total fail on the ad companies part.

  9. very clever! i was feeling all uppity about the sign and then saw the real one...ha ha! i think i relaxed a little when i realised it actually said 'men' not 'women', so case and point really. you are right it is not acceptable whichever way the sexism goes but i guess as women we have this never ending feeling of being discriminated against because of our gender that the need to fight back against it is stronger (that comment is not in relation to this ad though - for advertisers to use sex as a selling point is unacceptable but unfortunately commonplace....)
    great post!

  10. Great point! I've always been uncomfortable with advertisers marketing to women by putting men down. Do they really think that they can appeal to us by making fun of our husbands, fathers, brother, sons and friends?! Double standards and sexism just plain suck!

  11. I agree wholeheartedly. It annoys me when women complain about sexist ads about women, but then are happy to accept ads that make me look stupid, insensitive, emotionally crippled or posed as eye candy. Surely if it isn't right to treat women that way, it isn't right to treat me that way either.

    I saw an ad only recently that really annoyed me because of this issue. I'm off to find it now. I'll tweet you the link so that we can be annoyed together. :-)

  12. Agreed. But - same as Fiona - I think you're more likely to find it directed at women.

    On a related note...I'm going to email you all my pics, can you please digitally enhance me to be more Angelina Jolie-ish. Shouldn't take long, I'm naturally almost there *cough*

  13. Eugh. This is my pet hate! Sexism against men really infuriates me. This add is definitely not okay, and really people should stand up against ALL generalisations, sexism against either sex, etc.

  14. YES!! My husband complains about this constatly. At first I thought he was overreacting but then I realised how right he is! Men are constantly belittled and portrayed as total morans all in an attempt to get women to buy a product. Not only is this a gross double standard and pretty horrid treatment of blokes, it's also perpetuting a culture in which men speak about men with disdain and people think it's funny.

    Not funny.

    Great post x

  15. I couldn't agree more. That's not OK.

  16. Super clever. They should have got you to do the advert. I agree completely.

  17. But men ARE complicated!

    The ad doesn't really work well :$

    Mad 'shoppin skillz Glow, looks like the real deal ;)

  18. the girl in the ad look HOT.

    Sorry - what was the question?

  19. This sort of thing makes me seethe. The double standards and 'reverse psychology' tricks are not on.


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