Friday, April 29, 2011

FlogYoBlog Friday - The Giant Puffy Dress Edition

Get out your top hats and tails or frocks and ridiculously large and feathery hats, this edition of FlogYoBlog Friday has a dress code!
Today's the day that Prince William marries the commoner, Kate Middleton... but really, if you're mixing in those circles, you're not really common are you? 

Tonight I will be watching the wedding at a fancy schmancy Royal Wedding Dinner Party - which is code for hanging out with friends (wearing my tiara) and playing a drinking game where you have a sip every time the commentator says beautiful/stunning/gorgeous/momentous.

If you're staying in tonight, you can check out Three Li'l Princesses' Royal Wedding Pyjama Par-tay - a live event starting at 7pm AEST. If I could get away with taking my laptop to the dinner, I'd join in.

Just so we're clear, I think Ms Middleton would look amazing in a sleek, understated gown ala Carolyn Bessette, BUT my bet is that she will wear a giant puffy dress with a massive train.

So grab a fascinator and let's Flog!

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  1. My big girl and I have grand plans to watch together in matching tiaras... one that I wore at my own wedding and one that I wore on my hens night LOL!

    I remember watching that other wedding, I was in kinder and made my Mum sit up to watch and rewatch beautiful Princess Diana. How I loved it. Hope my big girl enjoys it just as much.

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out, Glowless. That's really lovely!
    Hope you have a fab night at your REAL party! LOL! And if anyone's got an iPhone, feel free to pop in on us. Although, I'm sure you'll be having way to much fun!!!! ;)

  3. Ahhhhh my partner wants to watch. I think I have to wash my hair tonight.

  4. Hope there's vodka in them teacups

  5. We're having a high tea in honour of the wedding. Even though I'm not a royalist, it will be a fab excuse to dress up and have fun. Mr 10 insists he's not interested, but we'll see ... Miss 8 has talked of little else all week!

  6. I'm excited for the wedding. And totally jealous that she has such a massive budget!

  7. its a tea party for us here at 4pm today xx

  8. I will be frocking up (in my PJs) and joining Kellie tonight. Should be fun!

    I think Kate will skip the puffs... I hope!

  9. Oh yes, we're planning in style tonight. I'm even wearing my wedding dress and making Yorkshire Puddings. What fun. Might as well enjoy it. What's the point of missing it?

  10. I wish I was going to a fancy schmancy dinner party. I think I'll be watching in my PJs!

  11. I remember being thrilled watching the Diana wedding but I guess I was a kid so that whole Fairy Tale thing really appealed. This time around I wasn't that psyched but I am in UK so I had to celebrate a bit - had a few mimosas and my daughter wore a princess outfit all day.

  12. Hehe, I knew she would be wearing a big dress but only because you kind of have to when it is a state occasion and you're getting married at Westminster Abby, you also have to wear some sort of sleeve to cover up as it is protocol. I was kind of dreading the big puffy dress but I have to say she looked quite elegant, unlike, dare I say it, Diana, who I thought looked silly-yep I said it! *ducks for cover*

    I loved Carolyn Bessette's dress. I actually chose my wedding dress to look like hers, sad I know...


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