Wednesday, April 13, 2011

He Did What!? Wednesday - By BM I Don't Care

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing Tweeting - Guest Post by BM I Don't Care

The other night, Professor and I went out on a Date Night - our first in months. We started this tradition when we had International Students living with us, as a way to get out and just have some time to ourselves occasionally, and we've continued it even though we're alone with each other all the time. All. The. Time.

We had been out all day at a religious assembly, so we were dressed up. I was quite happy to wear what I was wearing, being a Date Night and all, but Professor detests ties and decided he wanted to get changed. I said I would just sit in the car so we could keep it running to charge my phone, as I had left the proper cord at work and only had the car charger.

So I'm sitting in the car, and I catch up on Twitter. I catch up on my blog comments. I start to wonder where Professor is but decide he's pretty-fying himself for our date, so I check my emails. Still no Professor. I check FB and BB, and by now I'm starting to be concerned that Professor's had a stroke or an aneurysm or is having an affair or has disappeared into Narnia. 

So I do the only responsible thing, and instead of getting out of the car, I ring him from my mobile.

You know what he was doing? Cutting and cleaning his nails. All. Of. Them.

Also, the outfit he chose for our Date Night? Sweater shirt, cargo pants and thongs. THONGS.

I have not the words.
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Jody Jones, aka Lady Fabulous, blogs at BM I Don't Care, quite possibly the happiest looking blog in town with it's awesome rainbow coloured butterflies and flowers.

She started blogging to preserve her sanity as she and her husband, The Professor, tread the sometimes arduous path of Trying To Conceive (TTC).

I've been lucky enough to meet Lady Fabulous twice; once when I recognized her, like the blog goddess she is, at the movies; and once at a Perth bloggers meet up. Both times she's been awesome and I've wished I could talk to her more, so now I stalk her on Facebook and Twitter.

Next Week: We get in to Mumstrosity's knickers

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  1. Ha ha that's funny!!

    But....what's wrong with thongs? I rarely care what Guv wears when we go out (unless it's somewhere really fancy) I'm just happy we're out together :-)

  2. Hahahahahaha.
    Great post!!
    I could understand why he wanted to take care of his nails... wearing thongs and all.

  3. Oh dear me. It seems like Men now take longer time to pretty -fy themselves. My husband is the same. I can get ready (full make up and all) way before him. Not sure why they take so long. LOL.

  4. Bahaha, awesomeness. My #1 Hubby shaved his head while I waited in the car. He had just dashed inside to get his mobile phone. He has a #1 cut that he "maintains" every 2nd week. He really didn't desperately need to shave his head at that time....

  5. Luckily I have met Australians before - otherwise I'd have got quite worried about the things

  6. At what point did men become so interested in how they look? Remember the old days, when men didn't care? My hubby's side of the bathroom cupboard is just as filled with product as mine!
    I can imagine my hubby getting out the nail clippers too, while I waited!


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