Monday, April 4, 2011

Letter to Tricky - Ten months old

Dear Tricky,

This month you have figured out how to stand all by yourself. I thought it was still a few weeks away only to turn around and find you standing up in the middle of the lounge room. You won't do it when your Dad or I are next to you, only if we're on the other side of the room. This makes it kinda hard to capture on video to show your grandparents!

You will walk when we hold one of your hands but you're not ready to do it by yourself just yet. I can see you thinking about it; you look down, you look at where you want to go and then wriggle your leg... then you get a bit unsteady and sit down. It's won't be so scary for much longer, little one, you'll get there.

For almost a month now you've been responding really well to your Auslan signs. When we sign milk you crawl over at lightening speed to me and start pulling at my top - sometimes you'll do the sign yourself too which makes me so happy! The other sign you recognize, not surprisingly, is food; you shoot off to your highchair and try to climb in, complaining loudly if we're not quick enough to start shoveling the veges in.

You've got the hang of 'Mum' 'Dad' and 'Bub' but last week after a breastfeed I plonked you on your Dad's lap and rushed off before I could hear you say 'Milk milk' to your Dad. He got very excited and shouted out "Tricky just said 'Milk milk' I can't believe it!". He was so proud and I was a little sad I'd missed it. But then that night when we scooped you up out of the bath and handed you your duck to chew on while we dressed you, you said "Duck". Daddy and I looked at each other in shock, two new words in one day! But you haven't said them again since that first time... maybe the duck got your tongue?

This month you also went on a plane! You were an absolute star and batted your lashes at some of the flight crew, making them swoon all over you and bring you toys. Even though you won't remember it, you had a great little holiday and had lots of fun spending so much time with Daddy.

We're still visiting your Perth Pop every day and you have him wrapped around your tiny little finger - if he could, he would give you the world. It makes me so happy to see you enjoying each others' company, laughing and playing, even swimming together.

Another month of discoveries awaits you, my beautiful boy; can't wait to see what they are.

Love Mama xxx
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  1. Love key word signing, especially when they start signing back! :)

  2. Nawww. It all goes by so so fast.
    And i LOVE that you do signing with Tricky! We did it with Greenie, he picked it up pretty fast, but he isn't signed to us in a while now, maybe because speech has taken over? Milk was the first sign he mastered too!

  3. Awww. So special. I write these for my daughter too. They're very special. x

  4. So sweet!! I'm looking forward to experiencing the milestones with Wriggles over the next few months. She has just learned to clap and we are soo excited. But speaking and signing?! So clever!

  5. Oh Tricky, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind!

  6. Beautiful post about your little Tricky, Glowless.
    He will be walking, running & jumping [hopefully not off the couch like my little daredevil does] before you know it.
    Treasure the little things while you can, it goes way too quickly on us x

  7. Awww that was lovely xxx

  8. I love these letters you write to your boy. What a gift they will be to him. Hope all's well in your world xx

  9. a nice - keep these little letters safe :-)

  10. Cherish every special moment with him. They grow so fast before your eyes. Each day is a milestone and these letters are a lovely way to remind him how much he is loved :) A beautiful treasure.


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