Friday, March 4, 2011

Letter to Tricky - Nine months old

Dear Tricky,

You did it, my boy! You came through your second round of surgery like a trooper! Your life so far has been filled with specialist appointments and hospital visits, but you have taken it all in your stride and I'm happy to say that the majority of it is all behind us now. You're just a normal little boy and it's lovely.

You are now completely refusing to crawl on your knees and moved to full time hands and feet crawling as if you were a monkey. Sometimes we call you SpiderMan when you race across the room on all fours and it's so funny to watch.

Your favourite game is playing 'Lion Chasey' with Dad. He gets down on his hands and knees and roars like a lion and crawls after you and you practically sprint across the room, beaming from ear to ear and laughing so loud! You don't laugh that heartily at anything else and when Daddy scoops you up after 'catching' you, you melt in to his arms and bury your face in his neck. I get shivers every time I see it.

In the last few days you've tried standing up on your own without support and when you plop down on to your gorgeous bottom you laugh and clap your hands like it was the best fun ever! I'm not sure if you're going to be an early walker or not, you seem so happy to just cruise around the furniture and not let go. I don't mind, actually it would probably help Mummy a bit if you slowed down a bit.

One of the funny things that you've been doing for a while now is trying to blow on anything that hangs... at home it's quite cute, you blow on the stars above your change table to make them move - but when we're out and about people do wonder what you're doing when all of a sudden you start furiously blowing because in the distance you've seen a flag. You can blame your Perth Pop for teaching you that.

Now, about your Pop. He's still very sick - he's going to have open heart surgery in a few weeks time, so we're spending as much time with him as we possibly can. You're loving every single minute of all the attention and just the other day you were playing with him and stopped to cuddle in to him! It was the most beautiful thing and he got tears in his eyes.

In the words of a friend of mine, S, you've now been 'out' longer than you were 'in'. I hope you've enjoyed the time as much as I have.

All my love, little man,

Mummy xxx

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  1. That was such a lovely post. This will be one you will treasure in years to come.

  2. That's really well written. Just beautiful. :)

  3. Oh. Just, oh.


  4. :) Beautiful! My little man is 7 months today :)

  5. What a gorgeous post! Glad to hear the little champion is going so well!

  6. beautiful as always :-) I know what you mean about not being in a hurry for him to walk. Once they walk they don't stop walking, and they can move so far so fast, with things in their hands. Very 'tricky' so to speak.

  7. Gill@Alice BecomesMarch 5, 2011 at 8:29 AM


    gotta love that spider man crawl

    gill xo

  8. I love posts bursting with "LOVE" Just when you think you can't love your children anymore than you already do 'kerpow' in a split second you love them even more :)


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