Saturday, March 12, 2011

Braaaaaains - Giveaway

No, not the zombie snack kind, Where's My Glow? is an undead free zone.

These kind of brains:

Did you know your baby’s brain makes millions of new connections every day?

Did you know that YOU are the catalyst of your child’s early learning? Of course you did, you’re not silly.

BUT, do you know how you can be more catalyst-y? How to make your kid’s brain develop so well that they don’t have to make up words like catalyst-y?

Well, for the inside scoop on all things brain development and early learning during your munchkin’s formative years you need to join me at the next UWA Extension Baby Talk seminar, “Building Brains in the Early Years (0-3)” on March 23rd hosted by Regina Fogarty of Ngala.

Tangent: Did you know Ngala means ‘Mother and Child’ or ‘We Two’ in Aboriginal Bibbulmun dialect? And that it started in the 1890’s and had many names before being called Ngala in 1956. No? Well now you do.

Once again the delightful folk at UWA Extension have given me FOUR tickets to give away valued at $49 each!

To get your hands on one and start creating the next Einstein all you have to do is follow Where’s My Glow? (but you do already, right?) and leave a comment below telling me what one thing you wish you were smart enough to do (my answer would be: I wish I was smart enough to time the steak so it finishes at the same time as the veges).

Then pop on over to UWA Extension and check out all the other cool seminars they’ve got going on in the Autumn brochure. You can even stalk them a little bit harder on Facebook and Twitter too.

TAC: Entry is open to anyone but the seminar is in Perth so unless you have a Learjet, you might wanna be a local. Entries close at 8pm AWST on Wednesday 16th of March and the winners chosen using a random number generator. Make sure you sign in to Disqus with a valid email address so that you can be contacted when you win – it will not be visible to anyone else but me and then shared with UWA Extension who will email your ticket to you.The prize is provided by UWA Extension and is not redeemable for cash but may be transferred to another person if you cannot attend. By entering you acknowledge that you have understood these Ts & Cs.
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  1. Oh if only I was local!
    That would be such a great thing to attend. Have fun =]

  2. Well, lets just say that I am a victim of the dreaded BabyBrain! I cleverly attempted to overcome my illness with the aid of a diary to remember birthdays, social gatherings, etc!!!! 'So... I wish I was smart enough to consult this diary and at least convince others that I am in receovery from said illness!!!' Because currently, I am failing miserably!!!

  3. I wish I was smart enough to work out how to make enough money to pay the mortgage without having to go back to work. That way I could spend even more time stimulating Will's ever growing brain! Seriously though, that does sound really interesting.

  4. ohhhh I wish I was smart enough to live in Perth.

  5. I wish I was smart enough to speak 5 languages!

  6. I wish I was smart enough to keep my desk tidy at work, after tidying it up. Instead, every time I tidy it up, it's back to being a junk heap within 1 week.

  7. hmmm . . . . so many to choose from!

    I wish I was smart enough to come up with something smart enough to win me this ticket!

  8. This sounds fab would love to attend & "I wish I was smart enough to NOT look & smell close up my babies nappy when I already know she has done a big poop!" Will I ever learn?

  9. hmmmmm....that is a toughy....

    I wish I were smart enough to remember what I did with first child so that I could do the same with second. alas, I may have to settle for second being good at sport if I don't win these tickets!!!

  10. Maths in my head, I hear numbers and I just switch off

  11. I wish I was smart enough to get my husband to do everything I do....or even half of it without moaning!! One day :)

  12. OK let's try again.

    I wish I was smart enough to learn how to remember people's name. I am very very bad at that. Owh and Maths too.


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