Monday, March 14, 2011

50 Glowing Facts

A while back the blogosphere went a little crazy with fifty things lists. I wrote one because I’m a bandwagon jumper-on-er-er. Plus memes are awesome if you have Bloggers Block.

I forgot about it filed it away safely in my drafts folder where it sat maturing like a fine wine or a particularly smelly cheese.

I’ve decided to air it out in preparation for that conference thing.
  1. I used to have a pack-a-day smoking habit
  2. Sometimes when I’m stressed or drinking (or both) I still crave one
  3. 3 is my favourite number
  4. I can only watch scary movies during the day in a well lit room
  5. I’m a Holden girl but drive a Ford
  6. I have a chronic pain condition (I’ll tell ya about it one day when I’m feeling sorry for myself) and get to have an ACROD parking permit
  7. I like my Vegemite kept in the cupboard, not the fridge
  8. I know all the lines from The Princess Bride, Drop Dead Fred, Super Troopers, The Blues Brothers and more
  9. I swear like a trooper – a particularly foul mouthed one
  10. Kissy, huggy people make me nervous but I’m workin’ on it and I’m ready to be hugged to death at AusBlogCon
  11. I wore braces in highschool and actually liked them
  12. I was a ballkid at The Hopman Cup for five years and once got hit in the leg by a Mark Philippousis serve – it left a bruise
  13. I don’t like coffee
  14. I am allergic to dogs, cats, horses, birds, pollen, dust mite, most types of grass and washing dishes
  15. I had weekly injections for six months so I’d be less allergic to the above (it worked except for the dishes)
  16. I’ve met John Travolta and been on his plane – I even have a photo of me wearing his captain’s hat
  17. I hate anything cherry flavoured and until recently thought that is what real cherries tasted like
  18. I have never sung in the shower
  19. Chocolate mudslides and toblerones are my favourite cocktails
  20. I have never broken a bone
  21. I have visited every state and territory in Australia, a fact that Aunty Penny is supremely jealous of even though she’s been all over Europe and I haven’t
  22. I don’t get the obsession with seafood
  23. I split my lip open when I was in year one and the resultant scar tissue means I have full lips
  24. I lie and say I’m a size 12 when really I’m a size 14, but I'm pretty sure the people I'm lying to can tell
  25. I used to have bright pink hair that was so awesome that strangers would stop me to compliment on it
  26. Unfortunately it got me the nickname ‘Pink Bits’ from Map Guy’s best mate. Lovely
  27. I disagree with the eight servings per package on a block of chocolate – it so obviously only one two three four  
  28. I went to Catholic school for 12 years and I’m an atheist
  29. I make lots of lists because I love ticking things off as accomplished
  30. I have been known to put “wake up” on some lists just so I can tick it off
  31. Melissa George was my rollerskating teacher

  32. I have a stationery fetish
  33. I went to Disney Land when I was 10 and Pluto stole my hat
  34. I don’t believe in astrology but will always read my starsign if I see it in a magazine
  35. My mum always baked during bad weather – as a result I get hungry every time it rains
  36. I come across as confident and outgoing but I’m actually desperately anxious meeting new people
  37. Pineapple on a pizza makes me want to puke – it’s a fruit, it does not belong on a pizza
  38. I have an intense phobia of feet
  39. The first concert I ever went to was Billy Joel during his River of Dreams tour
  40. I don’t like the phrase ‘my other half’ – I’m a whole person and so is Map Guy thankyouverymuch
  41. I’ve been to paradise but I’ve never been to me
  42. I quote song lyrics to make me seem mysterious and deep
  43. I completed two-thirds of a degree in postmodern feminism before getting sick (going crazy) and having to withdraw
  44. Sometimes I regret not going back to finish it but take comfort from the fact that a degree in postmodern feminism doesn’t really get you a job
  45. I used to be almost fluent in Auslan (Australian Sign Language) – it’s been a while since I’ve signed so I’m kinda rusty now
  46. I ‘accidentally’ cheated on a test in year one and have felt guilty ever since
  47. I play the saxophone (and the recorder, but hey, so can everyone)
  48. I would rather swallow razor blades than listen to Kenny G
  49. I was on a disability pension for four years
  50. A favourite childhood snack of mine was condensed milk sandwiches 
Tell me something about you that I don't know?
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    1. Melissa George was my brother's girlfriend when he was 11.

      Kissy Huggy people make me nervous too... It seems the less you know them the more they want to hug you...!!

    2. Ooooh, I have list envy! We are so similar in so many ways (including loving making lists, obviously). BUT from one Holden girl to another - just how can you bring yourself to drive a Ford???

    3. condensed milk sandwiches? Oh my lord. I think i need to try that!

    4. Who puts Vegemite in the fridge?!?

    5. Oh how I ADORE lists! Making my own, and reading other peoples. Especially lists like these, because I love finding out the similarities I share with people.

      With you - my similarities:
      2, 7, 9, 11 (except I hated them!), 19, 27 (although, I think you were right the first time!), 29, 36.

      How do you accidentally cheat on a test??

    6. Haha! I have a mate who used to say goodbye to his then girlfriend (now wife) on the phone by saying "kisses on all your pink bits". She works for her Dad and unbeknown to my mate, she had him on loudspeaker one day while talking to him. He happened to say his line just as her Dad walked into the room. Thankfully, he has a good sense of humour and wasn't too upset over it. :)

      I have a mole on my right shoulder that is in the shape of a heart. :)

    7. I know, the shame, the shame! It's a Territory and I love it :) I apologize to all Holden fans for crossing over to the dark side.

    8. My grandmother does. Every time we'd go to her house it would involve freezing cold Vegemite chunks on bread. Ick.

    9. It's a really long story, but walking up to hand my test in I saw the correct answer written on another girl's page and ran back to my desk to change my answer. As a result I got 100%. My first taste at being an over-achiever.

    10. Ooooh heart shaped?! That's very cool.

    11. You must've grown up around the same general area! I actually nearly broke her jaw once; she went to boost me up to sit on a wall and she lifted me up right in to her chin. She cried and everyone flocked around her. I had a splitting headache for a day after and no one cared... I suppose she was popular even then!

    12. I wrote my own 50 Things list a while ago, but reading yours was so much fun it makes me want to go and write another one.

      I have a bit of a list addiction too. Do you ever write things on your to do list that you know you've just completed so that you can cross them off straight away and get that wonderful feeling of accomplishment? No? Oh well, it must just be me then.

      I used to eat condensed milk sandwiches as a kid too! I've never spoken with anyone else who did this. I still love condensed milk on toasted crumpets or on weetbix instead of sugar. Condensed milk = nectar of the gods.

    13. Number 37 means we may quite possibly be soulmates.
      Love this list!

    14. I'm yet to venture out to condensed milk on anything other than bread... but I do eat it straight out of the can with a spoon :)

    15. 1. I can't believe Melissa George taught you rollerskating.
      2. I CAN'T BELIEVE you met John Tavolta let alone get on board his jet plane!
      3. I love pineapple on my pizza. :P
      4. You have a great list. I love it
      5. I like the razor blade than Kenny G one.
      6. Your list made my day.

    16. I look down on people who have pineapple on their pizza. My husband included.

    17. I am a list-o-phobic. I'm terrified I'm going to forget something on my list, especially if it's written down. As a result I rely on my memory and am therefore able to blame old age when I forget tings ;-)

      Pineapple SO belongs on a pizza!

    18. Love your list Glowless. Hope you make it "to me" in this lifetime. x

    19. If you don't like pineapple on pizza because it's a fruit - what about the tomato-based sauce?

    20. I didn't know there was such a thing as condensed milk sandwiches. Well there you go.

    21. Guest, I know who you are! And I'm choosing to ignore your comment (because I have no answer). Have fun with Map Guy today :)

    22. Me too, Jodie! Either that or stop quoting songs, right?

    23. Dorothy, I fear we can no longer be friends if you feel this way about pineapple. Well OK that's taking it a little far... let's just never share a pizza OK :)

    24. I'll show the photos one day Feli :)

    25. owh no i believe you i just cant BELIEVE that you met 2 major celeb. ahahahha

    26. who puts their vegemite in the fridge?


      We need to bitch slap them.

    27. OMG! Are you serious! That is hilarious i shit you not here is why;
      numbers 7,9,11 and 28 are the same lol...38 mine was Winnie the pooh who stepped on my foot have hated the pooh ever since! and so i think we shall get along swell my dear :-)))

    28. When you meet my 90 year old Grandmother, be sure to bitch slap her! Don't worry about forgetting, I'll remind you.

    29. Hehe! I hope you kicked him in the groin like all small children should do to fluffy characters :)

    30. My Mum apparently ate them as a child too, because they are "better than dripping sandwiches"

    31. I am a Holden girl and drive a Ford, too (oh the shame), I have a stationary fetish too.
      Great list, it's nice to find out more wonderful things about you xo

    32. I love all these!!

    33. We have a lot in common Glowless. Although I am addicted to coffee and don't mind pineapple on a pizza, we could recite movie lines to each other and I promise I won't get all kissy huggy!

    34. Every Bathurst party, Map Guy uses it against me!

    35. I had fun narrowing it down. Could have been 100 but that'd get boring to read.

    36. We should go to a movie trivia night together! When we win, we can shake hands :)

    37. I have an intense foot phobia too!

    38. So many random things here and my biggest objection to your list is how do you NOT sing in the shower?! Lol

    39. Fabulous list. I too share your stationery fetish :O)

    40. Great list! loved it so much I've just done my own

    41. Love your list! I used to have condensed milk and banana sandwiches when I was sick as a child, delicious!

    42. #7 - I don't know much about Vegemite but Marmite has to be in the cupboard - agreed!

      #18 - I don't think I could ever trust anyone THAT weird

      #43 - I'd be more impressed if you had failed to complete the course due to being pregnant and therefore not needing a degree for work anymore - just saying... :-)

      #50 me too.

    43. Love your list. Stationary fetish, umm don't know about you but i get twitchy when i spot an Officeworks or walk past a Kikki K.

      Just wondering about 45. and what lead you to becoming fluent in Auslan??

    44. I saw the alphabet spelled out on a kid's show when I was little and it also appeared in the front of the phone book - I was hooked. I signed up for a course and when practicing one day with my sister at a train station, an interpreter saw me and offered me a job working at his shop which sold assisted listening devices. It grew form there. Sadly I don't have much to do with the Deaf community any more (since I left the job and started my career), but I absolutely love the community and the culture.

    45. Great list - can relate to some of them. I love stationary, can only watch scary movies during the day, I hate seafood - can't stand it and I don't like pineapple on my pizza too.....

    46. I can't believe how many of these I can relate to - except the Melissa George one and the condensed milk sandwich... Hmm, sounds interesting! :)

    47. LOVED hearing more about you Glowless. I'm so glad you keep your Vegemite in the cupboard. We can be friends now. Phew!

      I like you. The end.

    48. it takes more than a fire truck to stop Drop Dead Fred! :) Love that movie

    49. Is it rude to ask what your pain condtion is? I have a couple, and it's nice sometimes to touch base with someone who gets it.  (Not that it's nice you have one, of course).

    50. oh my that last one! Yumm. I actually bought some the other day just so I can have it and never shared it with the kids. I know bad mummy. And seafood Blaah.


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