Wednesday, March 30, 2011

He Did What!? Wednesday - By Three Li'l Princesses

He Did What!? Wednesday
The Day My Hubby Lost It- Guest post by Three Li'l Princesses

Hubby Julian may not know one end of a hammer from the other, but when it comes to tech gadgets he’s totally clued (or, is that glued?).

Not long after getting his first iPhone, hubby, three-year-old Princess Ella and his inseparable iPhone decided to go to the pool.

No more than five minutes later, he’s running back in the door with arms flapping like Priscilla in Queen of the Desert.

``I can’t find my iPhone,’’ he says in a panic.

``Where did you have it last?’’ I ask, sighing. Yes, it’s a well-worn question.

``I was hurrying to get Ella into the car and ... I don’t know,’’ he said.

He bows his head: ``I think I left it on the roof of the car.’’

Sadly, this isn’t the first time he’s put a phone on the car roof and drove off with it. But I don’t utter a word.

Instead of the pool, his afternoon was spent retracing his steps, calling the police and putting in a newspaper advert, all to no avail.

He even tried to download the Find My Phone app from iTunes, until he realised he needed the actual phone first.

Hmmm, slight problem there.

A tear welled in his eye.

The last time my Magpie-loving hubby cried was Collingwood’s second attempt at wining the grand final last year.

Not because of the grand final, but because at half time I rushed in to announce: ``I’ve just had my first contraction. The baby’s coming...’’

Hubby claimed it wasn’t the phone he was upset about, but more the video and photo memories of his two girls.

For two days he moped around the house, like a child who’s lost their extremely loud play telephone (``Mum, are you sure you haven’t seen it?’’).

Then a call came. Council worker Shaun had picked it up two days ago and only just read the newspaper ad.

Ah, happy ending.

Well, not quite.

You see, a few days later, when we were packing kids into the car, he sat his Oakley sunglasses on the car roof and ...

Well, that’s another story.

Read his version of events at Three Li’l Princesses’ The Shed.

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  1. My mum left her PURSE on the car roof one time, and it was still there when we got where we were going. How's that for steady driving?

  2. Wow! How lucky is that?! Hubby has lost a million pairs of sunglasses, and unfortunately lately he has taken to buying the more expensive brand, because you know it's polarized and much better--they saw him coming.

    So currently he is without sunglasses, because we just cannot afford to replace them. Formerly owned pairs have been run over by a forklift (more than once), left on the roof of the car, left hooked onto the shopping trolley, sat on and some have just disappeared into the ether.

    He really needs a man bag to put his things in.

  3. Hahahaha.
    For a moment there i thought he may have put it in his pocket and taken it in the pool with him :S LUCKY!

  4. Oh gosh, the amount of things I've left on the car roof... I feel for him. I would cry too if it was my iPhone

  5. Hehe. I did that with my work diary in a westrfield once. PANIC!!!

    Foudn it on my return.

  6. I did this last Friday. So bummed. Hmmm maybe I should put an ad in the paper. Was it in one piece on it's return though?

  7. Goodonya Shaun!
    Why do they find it so hard to keep things? They guys I work with are forever losing phones - as well as glasses, tools, you name it - out of their shirt pockets but don't seem to think it might be worth doing the button up.

  8. Oh, Julian's done this too. I think his was more to do with the leather sticking to the roof than his driving though!! LOL!

  9. Now there's an Easter present idea, Shelly! Good luck with getting him to wear it though..... hehe! :)

  10. It's only a matter of time, Miss Pink! :)

  11. He did it again on the weekend, Andie. However, this time he realised before he drove off. Then he proceeded to stand there and give himself a lecture! That's how much his iPhone means to him!! :)

  12. Now, that would have made me cry, Fiona! I'd be lost without my diary.

  13. Surprisingly, yes, Tanya. This is despite it falling off on a busy highway! The screen was cracked, but was replaceable. He's very, very lucky.

  14. I wish I had the answer, Emma. Would save us an absolute fortune! :)

  15. I can't believe he actually place an ad and Shaun was nice enough to return it! Way to go.

    Unfortunately things like these happens to me. I have drove off with things on the roof of my car loads of time.

  16. My husband left his wallet on the roof of the car once... no one gave it back.


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