Friday, February 24, 2012

FlogYoBlog Friday: The Nomophobia Edition

Hey Flogstars,

I'm jittery. And it's nothing to do with spending a night in a repulsive holiday home with a mouse infestation.

It's because up here, I have no phone coverage. Nothing, nada, zip, zilch, zero (have you noticed that N and Z completely steal all the words meaning nothing? Letter hogs!!!).

I have Nomophobia. It sounds like the fear of yummy things, but it's not... it's the fear of being without your phone. Dun dun DUUUUUN!

Whilst I do actually have my phone with me, I have no signal because my provider don't have any towers up this way. I could use another tower but the 4S doesn't let you turn off 3G - first world problems, right? Hey, after spending a night inhaling mouse shit, I'm allowed to be a bit shirty, gimme a break.

What makes it so much worse is that I have people emailing and tweeting me saying "Did you get my text?". Nooooo I didn't! What did you say? Was it important? Was it funny? Please don't think I'm ignoring you!!! Don't leeeeaaaaveeeeee meeeeeeeee!!!. Or *ahem* you know, something like that. 

Do you have Nomophobia? Will a bit of a Flog help???

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  1. I'm not too fussed without my phone - it's lack of internet that freaks me out ;)

  2. I can not live without my phone! Funny because my blog post today is about a similar situation! i realised my phone is glued to my hand! Bad habit hahah Enjoy your weekend! 

  3. I absolutely have nomophobia - in both senses of the word! I'm definitely afraid of yummy food ;) and I can't believe I used to survive without a phone at all - yeah, first world problems right?

  4. Mobile reception at my house is crap!  I have to go outside to make a call on my mobile. It shits me. All the time.

    No cable internet, no wireless... just plain old ADSL through the phone line.  I live in 2002.  Thank God for wireless routers!

  5. Alicia @ The Semi-Rural LifeFebruary 24, 2012 at 9:04 AM

    I don't know what the heck i would do without my iPhone. It is so much more than just a phone.

  6. I've nearly lost my phone twice in the past week (clearly the universe is trying to tell me something!), and it would have been a nightmare. luckily it hasn't happened, but things do come in threes! 

  7. God I hate the thought of being without my phone. I would have a panic attack! No wonder my parents were always so stressed - they were waiting for it's invention!


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