Friday, February 24, 2012

The Vlog About Nothing

Kinda like Seinfeld, but, you know, not at all.


  1. I laughed when you said 'dongle', then you said dongle was one of the funniest words ever...

  2. PS it's been waaay less than 15 years since you watched Home and Away!  Enjoy Shazza's milkshake.

  3. omg how are you coping with hardly any net access? this is why i am taking my lappy & my internet ""dongle" with me when we sojourn across state borders to nsw in May - need to be connected.

    shazza's milkshakes closing at 4.3o, the true sign of a country town!

    yes you may talk a lot but you talk good shit so it's all good!


    p.s. in a completely none stalker, lesbian lust way - you have amazing lips - i watched someone on Geordie Shore [yes, yes I *love* my trash tv] have her lips injected - and they bled like cray! - to look like yours do!

  4. He he 'Dongle' :-) bet you were wearing shoes. That would have made you stand out from the locals. Enjoy your last holiday momenrs x

  5. I am pretty sure that doctors should prescribe those dongles.  Because Twitter is not just a right it is MEDICALLY REQUIRED.


  6. Love your hat!  And you just reminded me I need to wash my floor. It's sticky.

  7. Seek Shazza to share a swim in the sun and suck back a shake at the shack.'s come to this....


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