Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pimp My Con

Yo. Sup?

Now don't be gettin' all up in ma face about ma new way of talkin'. I be the shiz and can talk however I damn well please. Ya dig?

Oh dear lawd it's painful to talk like that!!!

So. I'm gonna do some serious pimping of DPCON12 because it's almost here! In order to do said pimping, I gotta look the part, right:

Ahh that's better. Suits me, yes? You can call me Glowalicious.

And the fabulous team: Kirrily "Ma Grillz" Whatman, Brenda "Bling Bling" Gaddi and Maria "Sparkle Eyes" Tedeschi:

We're a pretty bunch, yes?

We have been working our butts off (yet mine is still expanding) to bring you an awesome conference and it's looking absolutely brilliant so far!

I'm so excited to hear the speakers, especially those jumping up for My Blog, My Story - last year I bawled my eyes out so this year I am coming prepared with tissues (hidden in my feather boa, of course) so that I don't have to have snot up my sleeve again.Or perhaps pimps use silk handkerchiefs? I'll have to look in to this further.

Because I'm an attention whore a go-getter, I'll be jumping up on stage during dinner and hosting an open mic where you can get up and read out one of your best blog posts from the last year. HOW COOL! If you want to be part of it you can email me at (come on, you know you want to).

There are less than a handful of tickets left so vamoose! You get a full access pass to the conference panels a choice of workshops, admission to the expo room (my domain!), the chill out room, morning and afternoon tea, lunch (nom nom I've seen the menu) and the fabulous dinner dance where there will be dinner and dancing (duh!) and you get to meet me.

Will I see you there? You'll recognize me cos I'll be the one dressed as a pimp.


  1. So excited to be coming! Must remember the tissues....

  2. Hey Glowalicious, love the pics of you and your homies.

    Can't wait for the DPCON12 HELL YEAH.


  3. Where can I get me a pair of those Glow? I feel an Elton John number coming on.

    Love & stuff
    Mrs M

  4. Hope it all goes well, and I hope to be there next year. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  5. I will stay away from the stage.  thank you. very. much!  That said I'll hunt you down and say hello.  Although sounds like you'll be pretty busy.

  6. Looking forward to everyone's live tweeting - wish I could be there this year, but will definitely try for next!

  7. Thanks for the tissues tip! I hadn't even thought about that!

  8. I would SO love to be there. I'm a little over a year into this blogging gig and it's become something I never expected. The whole experience. From the writing, to the reading. The interaction with other women (they are mostly women) is something I never expected.  But. I have a work conference in Sydney on the same day. Damn it!

    Will meet you in 2013 Glowalicious!  :-)

  9. Getting a little bit tingly about it. Ticket bought, bed at friends house booked, just need to get plane tickets. Looking forward to hopefully dancing with a pimp.

  10. try not let EVERYONE talk about me - it'll get too repetitive if you do. Maybe limit it to one speaker per session

  11. I will recognise you anywhere....the beautifullest smile ever.....and gee, has it really been a year ? Wow. 
    So, I wasn't even concerned about the speech till NOW. It has finally dawned on me. Oh yes. My blog story cannot be told any other way than with the truth. But what is going to make me a bit emotional is that so many people in the room are the ones who are those who've influenced, encouraged, and supported me along the way....
    ONE.... XXXX

  12. I am not certain which made me giggle more . . . you pimp ensemble or the grillz on Kirrily!  Too funny.  Enjoy your conference! :)

  13. Funnily enough they haven't been photoshopped AT ALL

  14. Kleenex have promised us tissues on tables this year!!!

  15. The year goes so quick, it seems like last month that I was getting ready for the first conference!

  16. Soooo important! Snot ruins the look

  17. It's amazing isn't it? I never expected it either, but this community is amazing! Will see you in 2013 for sure

  18. But Glen, it's what we always do when we get together!!!!

  19. Can't wait to hear you speak Denyse, hope you've got it all ready for deadline next week!

  20. I kept singing "Ma, ma, ma grillz, ma, ma, ma grillz" as I made it

  21. Oh it's just a short flight over hehehe


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