Monday, February 27, 2012

Holiday baggage (under my eyes)

I've just spent a week at a beach shack with Map Guy, Tricky and my inlaws (and Sprocket, can't forget him).

Other than the initial hiccup, it was sorta like a week with a live in nanny, cook and cleaner because they tend to not let us do anything when we stay with them... which suits me very well. I'm sure in a previous life I was uber rich and had servants because it just comes so naturally to me to let people do stuff for me.

Some people call it lazy, I call it delegating.

But I don't come back from holidays looking rested and serene with an ethereal glow (as opposed to an ethereal Glow, because I'm obviously that all the time). I come back looking knackered; the bags under my eyes morph in to an entire matching luggage set and take on a slight purple hue.

See the problem is, whenever I have a little holiday and get to sleep earlier, my brain all of a sudden decides that it must try to reduce the sleep debt I've built up after years of insomnia coupled with 20months of child rearing. Which basically means I'm tired the whole damn time I'm away and take every opportunity to go back to bed and add to the puddle of drool on my pillow or fall asleep in the car giving myself a lovely double whammy of a crick neck and a side double chin (double goiter?).

That translates, roughly, in to me looking like the least involved parent in front of people who I'm still trying to slightly impress.

But rather than continuing to bang on about my holiday that went from soul destroying to rather pleasant (if somewhat anxiety provoking), I want to hear what it would have been like for you:

Finish this sentence: "A week on holidays at the beach with my inlaws would be..."


  1. Disturbing.  They are divorced, it was hard enough to get them to stand in the same photo at our wedding.  One thing is for sure though, there would be a LOT of alcohol!

  2. Interesting as they are divorced and both have new partners.

  3. one of two things.

    1. Very quiet considering we haven't spoken in 12 years


    2. Very noisy because they'd still be denying that they did anything wrong on our wedding day and I would be quickly and loudly pointing out that they are the ONLY people who think they didn't do anything wrong and so 12 years on, they are STILL wrong. And if a fight ensued, which I have no doubt, going off our last conversation [over the phone] 12 years ago, it would, then after it became very noisy, it would become very silent because one of us would have left the holiday!!

    cherish your inlaws, i wish mine hadn't of turned out to have such Jekyll and Hyde personalities!!!

  4. a booze fuelled multiple homicide.

    Swear to vodka - we'd all be drinking to tolerate each other until one of us caved/vomited up the booze/sedatives and got stabby.

  5. Robyn @Slightly DeepFebruary 27, 2012 at 9:54 PM

    Fricking hard! I get along okay with them, and can deal with them- but I do not cope well with them with my children.

  6. (I don't have in laws - they have passed away)  I always fall asleep in the car!!!

  7. Hopefully awesome seeing as we leave on Friday to spend 9 days with them at the coast!!!

  8. I just came back from a weekend with ALL my in laws, extended family included, and you may hate me, but I had a great weekend...... Probably because we left the kids behind with my mum.. I must add, it was alcohol filled, I have amazing in laws though, I am very lucky xx

  9. surprising and a movie plot.

    They have been dead for 25 and 15 years respectively.

  10. ...a massacare.
    There's a reason we don't have contact with them.

  11. Very quiet. 
    Until the police came to "talk" about our recent visits to cemetaries with a shovel.

  12. exactly like being at home. Depressing, I know.

  13. Worse than sticking my eye out with a sharp needle. 
    My MIL means well, most of the time, & is a doting grandmother to my children, but I can only tolerate her in small doses eg an hour or so at a time.  After that I start to get stabby.


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