Friday, February 17, 2012

FlogYoBlog Friday: The Flogiversary Edition

Hey-ho Floggers!

Today marks one year since I first became the foster mama to this lil ol' thing called The Flog. OK so it's tomorrow but near enough is good enough, right? Right!

Now if you're in the UK the traditional pressie for knocking up one year is cotton, in the US it was paper and more recently has become clocks. I'm hoping someone will send me a clock made of paper with a cotton bow on it, just to cover all bases.

It's been an amazing year and I've loved putting my own slant on the Flog by having an edition each week - I hope you've enjoyed it too because then it makes the frantic Thursday night "OMG WTF am I going to write" all worth it.

The Flog isn't mine forever... I think someone called DOCS and is getting my foster license (or whatever it is that you have to have) revoked. So stick around and see what happens.

Enough speculation though, let's Flog.

How to FlogYoBlog
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  1. That's cool!  Your Flogiversary is on my birthday!  Just 40 years behind.  ;-)

    Happy Flogiversary to you (and Happy Birthday to ME!) for tomorrow.

  2. Congrats on one year of FYBF Glow!  You've definitely put a fun spin on it :)

  3. Happy FYBF Anniversary!! It's been so fun. Thanks a lot Glow :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. FYBF is moving? What did you do to have your licence removed? ;)

  5. Did you know the gift for our five year anniversary next week is "wood".  You can imagine the fun my husband's having with that one.  Congrats on one year of FYBF :)

  6. Nawwww, happy flogoversary Ms Glow xx

  7. Nice work on the year! I'm sure we could drum up enough character references to renew that foster license ;) 

  8.  Thanks Laney, it's been one hell of a ride

  9.  I dipped FYBF's dummy in whiskey ;-)

  10.  Good to know! I'll have my people call your people

  11. Happy Flogiversary you old girl!! You always make me giggle. Keep up the good work of flogging blogs.

  12. Oh, I could send you some cotton candy! Or Candy floss as we call it over here ;)


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