Thursday, February 23, 2012

Super Easy Creamy Chicken Riga-Tricky

This is the lucky last recipe of my week of scheduled Gourmet Glow posts (that were so rudely interrupted by my post on our horrid holiday home experience).

See, I was offered the chance to win sponsorship to BlogHer by whipping up some recipes using the new Kellogg's All Bran Fibre Toppers, so I've jumped at the chance. The opportunity to win a trip to New York to attend BlogHer by writing about some recipes I've created using a product that adds fibre plus vitamins and minerals to your diet? I CAN DO THAT! I'm a crunchy mama, this stuff is right up my alley and since I'm loving experimenting with cooking lately, it seems like this competition was made for me. You can check out all the recipes submitted by searching the #AllBran hashtag on twitter.

So back to my recipe - what do you serve for dinner when you want a home cooked meal but are too tired to put in much effort beyond a bit of grabbing things out the pantry and stirring? Chicken Riga-Tricky!

This is one of those great dishes that is so simple because it's based on pantry staples and whatever veggies you happen to have on hand. It's also great to make at the end of the week to get clear out all the veggies that are almost passed their prime in the fridge so that you don't throw it all out and waste it.

Tricky loves this stuff and it's on pretty high rotation at our place! Because it freezes so well, I always make a large batch and divide it up for Map Guy's lunches and last week made up a batch for my friend who has just had a new baby. Plus it only uses one pot and and one pan so it's definitely a winner!

Creamy Chicken Riga-Tricky
Can't really see the Fibre Toppers - they are in there though!
Ingredients (serves 6)
  • 500g chicken, diced
  • 500g rigatoni 
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 150g spinach
  • 5 mushrooms, sliced
  • 1/2 zucchini, sliced
  • 1 jar of pasta sauce
  • 1/2 tub of reduced fat cream cheese
  • 1/2 cup of Kellogg's All Bran Fibre Toppers (which contains 33% of your daily fibre requirement!)
  • 1 teaspoon of chilli (optional) 
  • Prepare pasta according to directions and set aside - don't overcook it or it will be Chicken Riga-Flatty
  • Cook onion and chicken in a large fry pan until well browned
  • Add mushrooms and zucchini, fry gently for two minutes
  • Pour the entire jar of pasta sauce and stir until well coated
  • Add handfuls of spinach allowing it to wilt - if you put it all in at once it will go every or *ahem* so I've heard
  • Stir in the cream cheese allowing it to melt and turn the sauce from a bright red to a creamy orange
  • If you're going to add chilli, do it now! I like mine to have a nice kick  
  • Add in your Fibre Toppers now so they retain some of their crunch, if you do it too early they'll dissolve a bit and won't be visible in your photo (d'oh!) but you'll still get the nutritional value from them so don't panic
  • Combine the sauce and the rigatoni, stir through and serve as is or with shaved Parmesan on top
**For a lower fat version you can just leave out the cream cheese and throw in a few olives**

Click here to see a nutritional panel I created for this meal - I should get points for the effort of making one of these panels, right??
This is NOT a sponsored post, but it is a competition entry for Kellogg's to win sponsorship to BlogHer


  1. Ooo interesting. We don't have that Kellogg's product here in Singapore yet I think.
    I have those cute measuring cups too. Love :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. This looks yum! What kind of pasta sauce did you use? The regular tomato ones?

  3. Yep, I had a Mediterranean tomato one on hand so used that, but any of the large jars would work well :)


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