Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dear Glowless

Dear Glowless,

Happy Valentine's Day!

A little bird told me (no, not Twitter, though it could've been, you're on there so much) that you're feeling a bit down at the moment so I just wanted to tell you that you are amazing. Awesome, even.

You don't believe me, I know. But it's true.

I'm so proud of you for going out and enrolling in the cake decorating course you've been eyeing off for over ten years. You finally took the first step and I know it took a lot of guts because you're so afraid to fail. You're petrified the gorgeous creations in your head won't be interpreted by your hands and the finished result will look lame... and that people will think less of you.

But you know what? Even if it's not perfect, it'll be great. Because you tried when you didn't know what the result would be, and for you, that's a big thing. HUGE.

And that's what I love about you... well, about me. Because if you haven't guessed, we're the same person. Confused yet? Yeah me too. I love that even when you are so afraid and so anxious you can barely breathe, that you'll push through and do it anyway to try and get yourself out of a slump.

So, Miss Glowless, when you're unsure of the path ahead, take small steps, one foot in front of the other, and feel your way... fuck knows you can't even see where you're going right now so it's the only way to get there. And you will get there.

Go gently,

Love Glow xxx


  1. Happy Valentine's Day my gorgeous friend! Have a fabulous day, and remember even without a course, your cakes are awesome :)

  2. You will rock the course.
    The best part of a cake decorating course is... as you learn, you get to eat your increasingly more beautiful results. 
    And edible glitter.  How cool is that stuff?!

  3. The letter says it all really. Hope you feel happy soon.

  4. Laney @ CrashTestMummyFebruary 14, 2012 at 4:45 AM

    I hope you have made yourself the most rocking Valentines cake. You deserve it :). Happy Valentines!

  5. Love you beautiful.

    You are amazing, wonderful and strong.

    I am more proud of you.

    (and why didn't you remind me of your linky thing OMG I already posted this morning damn you and now with this long arsed comment I am going to be late dropping Boo off to school and the longer I sit here and whine about it the later he is and I haven't even put my eyeliner on yet.)


  6. Fabulous idea! Happy valentine's to you! Your cakes will be amazing :)

  7. Yay for you! Remember: F false E evidence A appearing R real. And ... sometimes you have to throw away a lot of cakes to get a good one. It's the process that brings the joy, not the end result. You rock.

  8. Dear Glowless,

    I love your courage, your strength and brevity. I know the hell you walk, it's a fine line, and sometimes you're gripping that string with every part of your body as it sags. But, you hold on, and slowly you push yourself back up and start that walk again.
    That is some hard shit right there, and if you do nothing else with your life but that you have my utmost respect.

    But you don't stop there. You go out and be even more kick arse in other places. Your cakes? You don't need to be in a class, you need to be teaching one! Those cakes you fear may be lame, they're not. It's art, and seeing as I have a strange feeling you're like me, you will always see the tiniest mistakes in things that you do. It's because you're dreamin' big girl, and that's fabulous, but sometimes what you're dreaming, it turns out better. It doesn't have to be exactly what's in your head. Ok?

    Miss Glowless, you laugh, and it is infectious. You are hilarious! And not afraid to poke fun of yourself. It's not because you hate yourself, it's because you know there is fuck all you can do so you work with what you have and manage a laugh along the way. Do you know how awesome that is?

    So, I know that the power is out right now, but here, I'm lighting a candle for you, and the light might not be so bright, and it may flicker but it's something, for now, until the power comes back on and you see that you were the light all along.

    Hugs and shit
    Miss Pink

  9. Hey Glow ... sweetheart if your baked goods on Insta are any indication, you will seriously kick arse with your cakes. You are beautiful and you are enough.


  10. all that AND a pretty face - goodness

  11. Tara@OurWhirlwindAdventuresFebruary 14, 2012 at 10:17 PM

    Happy Valentine's Day (over an hour late, I know).
    You are wonderful.
    You are amazing.
    You are so fahking hilarious!

    Love x

  12. Congrats Glow! And thanks for hosting this linky - a great idea.

  13. I have a sugar plaque with a teddy bear on it sitting in my kitchen - I can't bring myself to eat just a giant lump of sugar!

  14. I didn't, but next year... next year it will be AMAZING!

  15. I get my strength from your words more often than you realize xxx

  16. OOooooh FEAR! Clever clogs! My cake decorating teacher told us that 99% of cake decorating is the art of bullshit. I'm awesome at bullshit so should be good at the course ;-)

  17. My lovely Miss Pink,
    I cannot thank you enough for this comment, everything I've typed I've deleted so far because it seems inadequate.
    Hugs and shit right back at you
    Glow x
    P.S. 6 weeks til we meet!

  18. Ahh but it's not an hour late where I am xxxxxx

  19. Cheers, Emily! Was great to read what everyone loves about themselves :)


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