Friday, December 16, 2011

FlogYoBlog Friday: The Alphabet Edition

Aloha, Floggers!
Behold the latest
Coolest and
Definitely the most
Earth shattering
FlogYoBlog Friday!
Good to
Have you back
In my neck of the
Junlge (hey, go with it, OK?)
Link up to
My little Flog and it will
No doubt bring you some comment love.
Or if you don't have a
Post to share,
Quickly go and write one so we can all
Read it!
Trust me and just paste your
URL where it says and
Voila, you're linked!
Well I'm off to play my
Xylophone and
Y'all can go catch some
Z's... after you Flog, of course!

How to FlogYoBlog
  1. Follow Where's My Glow?
  2. Bow down at the alter of Mummy Time; Blog-goddess, all round groovy gal and creator of FYBF
  3. Grab the FYBF button and post it on your sidebar or in the post you're linking up
  4. Link in your favourite/best post from the week (don't just put your homepage URL)
  5. Follow at least 1 linkyer/blogger then be nice and spread the comment love


  1. Not only do you bake like the wind you play xylophone as well?! You woman of many talents!

  2. Laney @ Crash Test MummyDecember 16, 2011 at 6:12 AM

    You're just a bit clever aren't you? ;)

  3. You're insane Glow. I am in good company! ;)

  4. Glow, you are making the rest of us look bad! :p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. What about numbers next time? Cool, been awhile since I flogged, loving being back.

  6. Tried to come up with an alphebetical reply and failed dismally. Will just read blogs instead! ;)

  7. Props for your alphabetical genuisness :)  What will you think of next? The bar is set pretty high!!!

  8. Thank you so much - I am loving linking up with some overseas bloggers!

  9. As always you rock the flog.

    And as always I forget all about it.

    I am commenting on disqus - HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIATCH


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