Monday, December 12, 2011

How to curl your hair with GHDs... after half a bottle of wine

I could blame Twitter peer pressure for this.

But really, when I filmed it, it seemed like a great idea.

Now? Not so much.


  1. This is genuis and really needs to be shared around the world! Your rock dear Glow.

  2. This is inspiring and genuis for so many reasons. I love you xxx

  3. THAT was totally AWESOME. You should totally vlog drunk more often. OH YEAH!!

    On a more serious note. I love my ghd. I don't travel without it.

  4. excuse me could you please tell Santa to bring me a bottle of win (or a few more) plus a GHD cause I would like to try this out!

  5. This is gold. I think you've improved my hair curling technique x

  6. I love it!!! I put the lil squirts to bed and watched it.. I might try it next time I straighten my hair!!! Thats how I wanted it for my friend's hen's do.. instead the salon lady decided to do it with a big hairbrush and made me look like Mrs Brady! 
    So envious of your luscious hair!!! I had great hair in the UK.. coming back to Perth it just went 'blah' on me and now sucks.. 
    Looking forward to watching more vlogs from you.. I sound like I am about 5 years old on the camera so I doubt I could get the courage to do one!

  7. Perfect timing. I have a GHD & never seem to get the hang of doing the curls properly.         Thanks!

  8. I love this - I have always wanted to know how to do it - and even better that you do it with wine! You are a crack up!

  9. Hahaha!! Very cool. You had me at "Hello" hahaha!

    Hair envy, hells yeah! I must post a pic one day of my frizzy head of hair. Yucko!
    I can say I DON'T have GHD envy though! I bought myself one this year :D

    And my computer survived! OH YEAH!!!

    Not only has it survived the vid... it's letting me post a comment using Disqus again!!

  10. This appeared yesterday on my YouTube Subscriptions and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it.

  11. WHERE WAS THIS A MONTH AGO?!?!?!?!????
    I got a GHD for my birthday, FINALLY, and couldn't effing curl with the thing. It drove me nuts! I worked it out after many hours of frying my already chemical fried hair. I guess it was because the curls are definitely softer than with a curling tong. There is a feel to it though, yes?

    Love the Farrah thin with the fringe! I struggle with how to do the very front pieces. I don't have a fringe though, I'm on a strict hair contract with bestie who secretly hates me for how long my hair is naturally and won't cut me a fringe. Meh, I can live without it, they usually piss me off and I spend the next month wondering why I thought it was a good idea.
    You really have honed your talent to be able to do it after half a bottle though! It's hard enough sober for me! Lol.

    I need more of these vlogs. Your troll obviously has not found me, I am a young "teen mum" who quite enjoys her russian drinks and dancing like a stripper. Wonder what message I'm sending? Oh wait...I'm not.

  12. Screw the troll.  love it.

  13. You shouldn't succumb to peer pressure.  ps. your nuts :-)

    pps. I didn't know u won x-factor blogger! well done (i've been trolling the net) actually mentioned you here:

    keep up the good work! hehehe

    - tork

  14. I'm so jealous, you can do the perfect curls after a few vinos, yet I try to curl mine sober and it looks like I've been electrocuted! You make it look so easy! Maybe I should vlog my attempt and you can tell me where I'm going wrong, haha.

  15. from now on I will only attempt to ghd my hair after half a bottle of wine! priceless ;)

  16. how the hell have i not seen this til today? thank ames [].

    will try this later this morning, if it doesn't work, i will just assume i need to be half cut in the future.


  17.  I need to put a disclaimer on this, don't I???? :P


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