Thursday, December 15, 2011

Vloggy Love In

What happens when four bloggers all vlog about the same thing? They have a big vloggy love in. It's like an orgy of whinging awesomeness.


  1. Fiona @ My Mummy DazeDecember 15, 2011 at 7:35 AM

    Love it ladies and I concur. I don't iron (that's hubby's job), I don't dry the dishes and I never ever dust. The idea that it's a protective layer sounds good to me! Although I do find putting the toys away at the end of each day quite cathartic. Good job xx

  2. I LOVE the group vlog - you ladies are all kinds of awesoms and I get to see you all in one!  Please do this again :)

    My most hated chore is the washing.  I can easily do 2 loads a day.  My spare bed is a constant pile of clean clothes otherwise known as Mt Washmore.  That would be ok except nearly every weekend we have people come to stay so I actually have to put it away.  Grrrr.

  3. I am so tempted to just copy and paste today. I take it Emma isn't out of bed yet? (I am kidding Emma! ;p)
    One of my fave vlogs to date, I think it's because it has some of my fave vloggers in it.
    Agreed with the ironing.
    I refuse to pick up the kids toys too because 1. they're old enough, that if they can pull it out they can put it away! 2. I've had this rule since bluey was a toddler, no more than 2 toys out at a time (not actual toys, but like games or whatever). You want to get something new out, you pack up what you have out.  3. We do 2 clean up's. One before naptime, the other before dinner, helps to keep the mess low.

  4. Awesome vlog ladies!!!  I am no longer hiding my head in (as much) shame of my lack of domestic godessness! 
    I HATE ironing... if I need something ironed, that's my partners job... unless I'm ironing for sewing purposes! :D  
    Here's a hint for the non-ironers.... my dryer is my BEST friend.
    Speaking of dryers being best friends... I don't hang out washing... it all goes straight from machine to dryer and then to basket... once in a while the clothes will end up back in the drawer!
    I'm an air dryer when it comes to dishes and avoid dishes if possible... I cook... someone else cleans up after me (that's not happening much lately though.... will have to remedy that!)
    And as for dust... Dusting =yuck!  I find when it easier to use a nappy wipe to get rid of dust.

  5. I made my daughter watch this and I kept saying, see, SEE, it's not just me!!!  

    Thank you for making me feel less alone :)

  6. I quit folding the washing. I just shove it in the drawers now. So long as it's put away, I'm happy. I do fold pants and shorts, cos who wants to wear creased pants? But everything else? Nup. I'm with you on the ironing too, and my hubby also got into trouble for wearing wrinkled shirts to work. Did we start ironing them? Hell no! We just hang them up to dry and they dry pretty wrinkle free.

  7. I loved that And I love hearing & seeing you all! Good job Girls! Mind you, I was distracted by your GIRLS Glow!!
    Lori & Emma... Seriously you HAVE TO tell me you are sisters for real.. Alike?? Oh yes.
    zoey, the putting away. Yep. Hate it.
    But, saving my best for last, is much like Glow's toy conundrum... I bloody well hate toys that have teensy bits & then one or 2 of those bits come off, so I put it on large shelf of wall unit until I can find where they go... Then I don't... So the lineup of teensy things that need matching where they belong grows.
    Oh yes, about kids junk erm toys on floor.. Use a rake & bring them to one spot for chucking into whatever container is around.


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