Wednesday, December 7, 2011

He Did What!? Wednesday - By Me and Mia

How do you like them apples? - By Me and Mia

My hubby and I have recently taken to having our groceries delivered by Homeshop. At first I felt a little guilty, like I was being lazy or something, but after testing it out a few times I thought what the hell, anything that makes life a little easier for us is a winner in my book! I'm prepared to pay the $9 delivery fee to have someone else run around the store and collect my groceries for me, bag them and bring them straight to my door.

The other night it was time to make another grocery order, and Hubby said he would have a go at doing the online ordering. I had already made a handwritten grocery list anyway, so all he had to do was find the stuff on the website and add it to the basket, then order it. I was nearby while he tackled the task, and he had to ask me a few questions here and there about specific brands, measurements etc., but overall he completed the order with minimal fuss.

The order was delivered the following day, and we set about unpacking it. I undid one of the bags to find a 1kg bundle of Granny Smith apples inside, when I had written on the list that I only wanted 3 single apples.

"Uh, Hubby? Did you order a kilo of apples? I only wanted 3."

He looked at me, puzzled. " I don't think so?"

I looked back in the find two more 1kg bundles of apples.

"Um, did you order 3 lots of 1 kilos of apples, instead of just 3 single apples? There's 3kg of them in here."

"Oh.....I must have. I didn't see that I was ordering that much, I just saw "apples" and ordered 3."

I looked on the printed list that came with the grocery delivery. There is was - "Granny Smith apples 1 kg x 3 - $14.98".

"You didn't notice when it showed that the apples were costing $15?"

"Um, no."

So, after a lesson in checking the fine print, I am up to my elbows in apples and have so far made some apple puree for Mia to have with custard, and some lovely Apple & Caramel Scrolls. Anyone else got any great recipes including apples so I can somehow work my way through them all?!!
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  1. Oh no!! I did that once too! We end up with lots of apple purée and applie pie and upside down apple cake!

  2. I will be taking note of this ...and check myself plus never let my husband lose with online shopping.


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