Thursday, December 8, 2011

Run DMC Vs Tricky

Oh look, it's a three minute vlog where I say about half a dozen words... that should be, er, interesting.


  1. Totally Awesome! :D Coolest baby ever! .. PS nice shades love! xoxo

  2. Fee @ OhGorgeousBabyDecember 8, 2011 at 9:24 AM

    Haha Tricky you are sooooooo cool! You and Aston need to get together and dance :) xx

  3. love the baby head banging~hes got the moves!

  4. Oh gosh, the handbanging, it's just ADORABUBBLE.
    You have some wicked moves.

  5. he's not only cool for headbanging but for looking totally uninterested in both what you were doing and also the music as different points - not caring but not looking like you don't care is the epitome of cool and he's got that nailed, already, at this age - he will go far!


  6. One of the coolest songs ever!  I love how your lil man is so used to his Mummy being a dag that he doesn't even blink an eye at you :D  My kids are the same... although the 11 year old now rolls her eyes and says "Oh mum, you're anoooyyying!"

  7. Oh I love him!
    Can I borrow him for my next dinner party?
    He'd be the talk of the town :)

    Visiting from "Flog ya blog".

  8. haha, wonderful video, I liked it so much and when I showed it to my daughter - 2 years old - she just burst in laughter!

  9. I love the double glasses part. You guys are the best!


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