Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chunky Chocolate Ripple Cheesecake

I'm rather new to this whole baking thing so I, err, may or may not have screwed up a recipe for chocolate snowballs the other night.

Now there are a few things I'm basing this on:

1. The first lot of dough was white... I'd forgotten to put in cocoa. Then I realized I also had a cup of sugar sitting there waiting to go in too. Oops.

2. I put the oven on fan forced instead of normal. Double oops.

3. The snowballs didn't hold their shape ended up like snowflats and by the next morning they were too crunchy (but tasted awesome). Triple oops.

What do you do when you have a batch of snowballs cookies that are a akin to rock? Smash 'em up and make a cheesecake base! Huzzah! So, here's my fabulous recipe that I created, based on a plain cheesecake recipe (I am getting good at this making recipes up thing):

Chunky Chocolate Ripple Cheesecake 
Alternatively titled "Oh-crap-I-ruined-the-biscuits Cheesecake"

  • A batch of failed snowballs or a packet of biscuits, whatever floats your boat, about 175g
  • 75g of butter
  • 85g of dark chocolate (I used Lindt because it was on special)
  • 250g of cream cheese
  • 250g of ricotta
  • 2/3 cup castor sugar
  • 250mL thickened cream
  • Smash up 150g of your failed snowballs/biccies until they look like breadcrumbs 
  • Add melted butter and combine
  • Press in to a greased and lined 18cm pan, cover and chill it while you make the rest
Snowflat base
  • Melt your chocolate (microwave, double boiler, I'm not fussy) and allow to cool to room temperature
  • Beat cream cheese, ricotta and sugar using an electric mixer and make sure to sing Michael Jackson's 'Beat It' while you do - it makes it turn out better
  • Add the thickened cream and beat for five minutes
  • Smash up the remaining 25g of your snowflats so that they're chunky and carefully fold through
  • Pour the mixture in to the prepared base and smooth it out

    Cookie pieces mixed in
  • Drizzle most of the melted and cooled chocolate over the top and mix it around, being careful not to touch the bottom so you get a top layer of chocolate flavoured cheesecake (I think the soft centre of the Lindt chocolate really helped this part because it was really runny)
  • Once the top layer is chocolatey, drizzle a little bit more on and swirl it to create your ripple
  • Freeze for two hours

See those layers? And the cookie chunks? AWESOME! 

Serve it with berries if you want to be all arty-farty or just inhale it like I did.

*insert rapturous applause*

Whaddya reckon? Is there a food blogger in me?


  1. That looks awesome.  Couldn't be bothered stuffing up some snowballs, so may try this with biscuits later this week.  And don't worry, I'm sure to stuff this up, so get cracking with the stuffed up cheesecake replacement!!!

  2. You know I won't eat cheesecake if I make it? The process turns me right off. But I effing love cheesecake and this looks so nomalicious.

  3. drooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    Imma going to make fudge today cause it is easy.  And I am going for a walk so it totally evens that shit out.

    Maybe I can be a fitness blogger?


  4. I've started making fudge lately too - which is obvious considering I haven't lost any weight before my birthday like I wanted to :(

  5. I know exactly what you mean. The idea of a shit load of cheese being in there kinda freaks me out.

  6. I won't be stuffing up snowballs next time I make it, will be going packet mix for sure!

  7. nom nom nom nom *comes up for air* nom nom nom 

  8. It looks very yummy, but I wouldn't be bothering with fancy-shmancy berries. A dollop of double cream and hand me a fork.

  9. I've never heard of freezing a cheesecake before - they're either made with eggs and baked, or made with gelatine and set in the fridge. I think you may have invented an entirely new genre of cheesecake!

  10. These are the most good -looking and I belive delicious pasterpieces of cooking I have ever seen. I wish I coud try them.

  11. looks absolutely luscious!! damn you posting this when i've just turned over a new lifestyle eating leaf!!

    what gave me a chuckle, was the advert at the bottom of the comments - Michelle Bridges 12 week Body Transformation program....



  12. I think I will skip asking for presents and just make myself one of these for Christmas!

  13. Look at you getting all inventive! This looks delicious.

  14. Gaaaaahhhhhhhh *Homer Simpson drool*

    I think I just shorted out my keyboard.  Off to wipe my chin!

  15. I reckon if you can make cheese cake... you are so not 'new' to the baking gig!
    mmmmmmmmmm cheeese cake....

  16. I promise it's the first one I've ever made! I think a baked cheesecake would be hard, I'll stick with my frozen one :)

  17. Sorry Rach! Love it when ads don't line up :P

  18. Just call me Mrs Fabulous :P Hehee

  19. There wasn't any time for cream for me, more a case of "get in my belly now!"

  20. I actually hate cream cheese. Especially philly. I didn't read your ingredients just drooled over the pictures and said "You will get yourself to WA and demand some of this cake!"

  21. Wah! I want some of that! I could eat it off the screen! Your recipe sounds rather like mine, in that I include instructions on what to do when it goes wrong - as it always does - and everyting else that happens during the cooking - including trips to the loo!


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