Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bags of flavour {giveaway from my tasty #DPCON13 sponsor!}

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Um, how is it March already?

I'm going to have to give serious thought to this whole DPCON13 thing that is happening next week. OK I lie, I've already been thinking about it - what to wear, namely. I can see the post "how to go to a conference when pregnant and look like a whale" just writing itself.

The whole what to talk about when I get on stage is another story all together, but despite that, I'm so excited. It's practically squee-worthy!

I would not be going to the conference if it wasn't for my awesome sponsor McCormick Marinade In A Bag. Instead I would be sitting at the computer vigilantly following the twitter stream whilst simultaneously trying to avoid it.

McCormick have kindly showered me with Marinade In A Bag, though not literally or I'd be quite gloopy. The Sticky BBQ and Honey & Soy flavours made a much acclaimed appearance at Map Guy's 30th and everyone thought "day-am, girl, those chicken legs were amazeballs" so I batted my eyelashes and pretended it was nothing... because it was nothing. Shove meat in bag, re-seal, leave for 30 minutes, take out, cook. Done! No mess, no fuss, NO DISHES!

To help celebrate the launch of Marinade In A Bag, McCormick are giving you the chance to win the complete range of McCormick Marinade In A Bag, a Cooler Bag, a BBQ mitt, a set of Heat Beads BBQ tools and an awesome Weber® Smokey Joe® portable charcoal barbecue, a miniature version of the famous Weber kettle with fire and rust proof steel bowl and lid, weatherproof handle and rust-proof vents which regulate airflow through the barbecue, ensuring delicious results. They're even going to throw in some Heat Beads for that perfect smokey flavour. All up it's valued at just over $200.

To enter, go here. You can enter daily.

If you can't wait to get your hands on some Marinade In A Bag, it's available nationally through Coles for $2.99 (one 200g bag has enough marinade for up to 1kg of meat). If you don't use it all at once, put it in the freezer after you've taken the meat out and use it again the next time.

If you're attending DPCON13 come and say hi (I'll be the one with the super cute Marinade Man on my shirt). I'm terrible with names and get overwhelmed easily but shove your business card in to my hand or staple it to my forehead. Better yet, tweet me saying "I'm in front of you, moron".

Full terms and conditions are available here.


  1. Fabulous!!! Can't wait to see you there!!! xx

  2. Have fun! Maybe I'll go next year when you can drink again? ;) xxx

  3. Dude, you do not look like a whale. At all.

    Totes gonna staple my card to your head later too

  4. I feel sad at not being there :-(. I have seen the snaps, and I am jealous!!

    The McCormick bizzo - I've tried these Marinade In A Bas....bloody sensational...I have a freezer full at the moment of chook boobs - I cook up a whole load each week for healthy salads all week...


  5. I'm a little disappointed you merely handed your card to me, Jess. Such a shame. x

  6. OMG wasn't it so awesome!?!?!

  7. It was interesting not to drink. Watching others make a fool out of themselves rather than me. I think it might be the way to go from now on.

  8. Your presence was missed, dear Lucy :( x

  9. Okay, you, me, a TONNE of sugar and sobriety.

  10. holy crap I am so spun out about it all still!! Was brilliant.. had an awesome time and was great to meet those Ive been chatting too for so long now!!!

    Totally doing it again!


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