Thursday, August 18, 2011

Natural Transition - Plus FREE Hugalugs!

I have said before that I'm a daisy chain away from being a full blown hippy what with my drug free birthing, breastfeeding, home cookin' shenanigans. I embrace my inner Crunchy Mama and for the purposes of wearing that crown, ignore all the meat and processed food I eat.

So when Julie from Natural Transition kindly offered to help me get to Blogopolis I thought it was a really good fit since her site is a resource for all things natural pregnancy and birth related. I actually offered to get a Natural Transition tattoo on my forehead for the conference yet strangely enough Julie declined. Can you believe it? Weird.

Julie is a Sydney based naturopath, breastfeeding counsellor and natural fertility consultant and her Natural Transition website is an amazing resource full of information on everything baby related; from fertility, pregnancy, birth to breastfeeding and more... and it's all FREE! And we know how much I like free things.

Julie is obviously doing something right because she's a finalist in the Bio-Oil Ausmumpreneur awards in the Eco Friendly Business category for her Natural Transition shop and in the People's Choice Best Blog category. The first one is judged by a panel interview (aargh!!) but the second one is a vote, so if you've got a tick, you can go here and click the pink like button down the bottom.

I checked out the shop and here are a few things that I wanna get my hands on:

I used reusable nursing pads when Tricky was feeding round the clock and I was on Dairy Duties, but they were plain and boring pastel colours. I wish I had these! Hooters for your hooters! Huzzah!
Cheeky Bits Boutique Nursing Pads $8.00
I'm a massive babywearing advocate and I own three different types of carriers. The one that I used the most was my Hug-A-Bub. But I want a black one so I can wear it clubbing I can mix and match with my outfits because I'm terribly vain!

Black Hug-A-Bub $125.00
Now this I have just ordered. Nappy bucket deodorizers! We've been cloth nappying for 14 months now, you'd think I would have learned to hold my breath when I open the bucket. Even washing daily as I do, the ammonia smacks you in the face when you open the bucket. These babies are bamboo charcoal and absorb odours!
Pure Bamboo Nappy Bucket Deodorizer $7.95

I was a skeptic of baby legwarmers until I was given a pair recently and now I love them. They're really funky and a great way of showing off Tricky's awesome cloth nappies too! These are so freakin cool but I can't choose between skull and cross bones and stripey. Hrm bad ass or rainbow child?.

Hugalugs Leg Huggers $10.00 or FREE with a GlowJob!

If you need anything fertility, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding or mamahood related, be it advice, information or a product, then head over and check out Natural Transition. Right now she's offering a FREE pair of Hugalugs legwarmers with any purchase if you mention GLOWJOB at the checkout. You even get to choose what design you want, how cool is that?

So head over now and grab something for yourself or for a friend.


  1. Im kind of a 1970's style mum....not really new age, not a molly coddler, but not a stickler for tucked in shirts and neatly combed hair either :)  but its amazing how many of my friends are home birthing/organic growing/cloth nappy washing goddesses!  I think I might be letting the team down lol  Truth be told, I had 4 kids in 5 years and I just did what I had to do each day to survive :)  A lot of it has been wiped from my memory in one big blur hahaha.  As for the baby legwarmers, I would definitely go for the skull and crossbones :)  ain't nothing like a bad ass baby!

  2. Ooooooh I am so going to have to get some hooters for my hooters when
    this little one arrives. The ones I have from when I was feeding Miss J
    are flowery, so better than boring ones but not as cool as hooters :D

    And I'm a giant fans of leg warmers, Mr Z has two pairs he still wears now at 6yo!! They were great for toilet training in winter, he spent his time at home in a top & leg warmers, sometimes with sometimes without undies! So much easier than remembering to get pants down in time ;)

  3. All power to you, Eloise! I don't think I'd be using cloth if I had 4 kids in 5 years either!

  4. how much do I wish that many of these things were around when mine were babies...mcn's weren't really around big time until I had number 4...our first wore actual white folded cloth nappies!  love all the natural things available on the market these days.  Some hugalugs would come in handy for miss 2 who I am trying to toilet train, with little success, she prefers to pee on the floor :(  Tatum xx

  5. I'm a babylegs fan. Very awesome when you start toilet training!

  6. Lurve baby legs!!! They are the shizz.

    On a side note, have you tried leaving the lid partial open on the nappy bucket? Does wonders for smells.

  7. Hooters for your hooters indeed :) If we have to wear 'em, might as well be funky :P

  8. I was in folded cloth nappies and I had clicky hips so had to wear two - photos of me are hilarious I look like Beyonce.

  9. I'm already toilet trained... ;-)

  10. I ought to employ you to write my product descriptions! Hooters or your hooters- Lurve it :-D
    I'm sending skull and cross bones baby legs for Tricky with your nappy bucket stink removers. With a name like Trickey, he needs bad ass legs.

  11. The shizz!
    Tricky knows how to open the laundry door... and little hands get in!!

  12. Really?! Cool, thank you so much! And you should definitely put Hooters for your Hooters in the product description ;-)

  13. Fantastic! Julie is absolutely inspiring and her dedication and commitment to her work is amazing. Great stuff x

  14. Veronica @ Mixed GemsAugust 19, 2011 at 8:15 AM

    Whilst I am environmentally conscious, I'm just not able to go as far with it. Kudos to you and thanks for sharing. I like the feedback about the leg warmers helping during TT so will pop over and get some. My toddler has already indicated which she wants and which I should get for her baby sister!

  15. There are so many awesome products (maternity wear included) that weren't around when my two were little. Nice hooters! *ahem*

  16. Your first paragraph makes you sound a lot like me!
    It sounds like a great site, I will head over and have a look. I suspect that I might have missed the boat on most of its usefulness (youngest is almost 2 and a half), but it sounds like it has awesome products.
    I used leg warmers with my second baby, and they were brilliant! He was definitely my easiest to toilet train. My youngest has been 'mostly' toilet trained for since Jan, maybe I need to pull out the good old leg warmers for the last 10%.
    Great post! xx Sannah

  17. Carly @ My Life in ColourAugust 19, 2011 at 1:14 PM

    Ohh I'm gonna buy some of those leg warmers for portrait photos!  Look super cute!

  18. Laney @ Crash Test MummyAugust 19, 2011 at 6:48 PM

    Those bamboo thingies are great - I use them in the bottom of our rubbish bin. Also a fan of baby legwarmers. I had about 4 pairs for CrashGirl! Would it be weirdo to wear hooters for your hooters if you didn't need them? They are awesome! Can I just call them nipple warmers?

  19. Great idea, Carly! Quick way to funk up an outfit

  20. I'm still at least a year away from TT so for now I just like to take advantage of the small space of time where he will wear exactly what I ask him to wear.

  21. Gives a whole new meaning to Giggle and Hoot...

  22. Much easier than having to get pants down in a hurry!

  23. I have a few pairs of hugalugs for the lil tiger and it well used in winter! I can dress her up in a dress and a hugalugs to match. No more boring tights. :) I love their products and thanks for the glow job. I might order some more :)

  24. I had clicky hips & two nappies when I was a bub too - not a good look! (see pic below - circa 1982) Think of how much absorption that would have been :D

    I got bubs last lot of immunisation at a doctors surgery & between carrying bub in in a Sleepy Wrap carrier, having to take cloth nappy off for his jabs, breastfeeding in the waiting room & telling doc & nurses that both boys were home birthed (oh and he was wearing baltic amber too) ... the lot of them gave me incredulous looks like I was a stone cold hippy! I may or may not have been wearing hooter print breast pads that day - should have whipped them out for good measure!

    Those bamboo bucket thingies are fantastic too - I have one in my wetbag as well as the nappy bucket & it totally absorbs the smell (Julie I will review for you very soon, when my spare hand is not being chewed by teething bub ... it has taken me 20mins to type this one handed!).

  25. Bahaha! Yep, that's a good look :) I have pix almost identical with nappy down to knees.

    Go the hippie, I say!


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