Monday, February 7, 2011

It's Hip to be Qubed- Qubies Review

I cook almost all of Tricky's food from scratch. Occasionally he'll have some commercial babyfood if we go out and I can't keep his food refrigerated, but for us, cooking homemade babyfood was the way to go.

Once every few weeks I buy a heap of fresh fruit and vegies and have a massive cook up, then blend it all together and scoop it in to icecube trays... well I try to, most of it seems to end up on the bench top.

So when I was sent an innovative, award winning, up side down ice cube tray called Qubies, I was eager to put it through it's paces.

What I liked about Qubies was:
  • How easy it was to fill - a matter of just pouring it all in to the marked fill line and snapping on the lid
  • That it's phthalate free, PVC free and BPA free
  • The silicone lid is really easy to get on and off plus means no freezer burn on the food
  • You know exactly how much is in each portion (30mls)

Tricky went so quickly from having just two portions for one meal to six, so for these to be any use in our household for babyfood I'd need to have at least ten. But they would have come in so handy when I was expressing breastmilk, perfect size portions so that there would be little or no wastage of the liquid gold.

But Qubies aren't just for milk and pureed babyfood, you can use it for lemon juice, condensed milk, passionfruit pulp, pesto, egg whites, stock and even left over wine - though I've never, ever heard of left over wine *snort*.

Qubies retail for $19.95 and you can buy them directly from the website (there is a cool recipe section if your baby is tired of eating plain old mashed potatoes) or at all good baby stores. Like them on Facebook to keep updated with sales and even more recipes!

This was an unpaid review but I did receive a complimentary Qubies
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  1. Oh that'd be heaps easier than pouring into individual cubes! And a lot less messy (if you're like me) lol

  2. Bit stuck on the leftover wine thing myself! Say what?! But seriously, great review - I hadn't heard of these before now, and they would've been so much easier than trying to fill normal small ice cube trays with mushy veg.

  3. I've always wanted to try these, thanks for the review!

  4. If there is any left over wine it's in a cask that keeps it fresh... :)

  5. Thanks for reading Jacki, I found them a lot easier than standard ice cube trays, even the ones specifically for baby food.


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