Wednesday, August 10, 2011

He Did What!? Wednesday - By Mother's Love Letters

He Wanted To Play "Highway To Hell" At Our Wedding - By Mother's Love Letters

What happens when this man (note T-Shirt, hair and goatee soaked in beer):

...brings a baby into the world?

See result:

This is my husband with our son. I am the only one in our little family who doesn’t own a Metallica shirt.

If you think my baby looks scared, you will be echoing the sentiments of others on facebook.

However, if you ask my husband, his staunch position is that our son is, in fact, practising his “death stare” (whatever that means).

I prefer to portray this, much nicer and prettier, version of our family (I’m sure the ladies in the house would agree):

When Ms Glowless asked me to guest post, my biggest challenge was deciding on which “He Did What!?” event to report on...

The time my husband changed our son on a dog mat?

How he wanted to play Highway To Hell for our bridal waltz?

How he asked me to time my own contractions – AND make hand-written notes – while I was giving birth to his child?

To be fair, I could equally tell you about how my dear husband baked me very lovely, anti-nausea muffins when I was incapacitated by morning sickness.

Or how he went out and bought me a breast pump (top of the range, mind you). Or that he recently sent me flowers, with a card saying what a fantastic mother I am. Awww....

But last time I checked our marriage certificate, the fine print did say I had the unfettered right to pay him out publicly on certain cool blogs (with his full knowledge and consent, of course.)

We couldn’t be more different, on the surface. We’ve come from totally different families, backgrounds and experiences.

Yet, our stark differences and seemingly unlikely match, perfectly combined to create our beautiful son. I am reminded of this, daily, by my son’s eyes and complexion.

And for this very reason, I was inspired to write a letter to our child about embracing the beauty of the differences between people, called Don’t Be Afraid of People’s Differences.

And NO, just to confirm - Highway To Hell DID NOT make it on the wedding song list.
___ . . . ___ . . . ___

The amazing Lina from Mother's Love Letters is an absolute doll. I had the privilege of meeting her at Blogopolis the other week and she is one of those people that just radiate warmth and kindness. She was also radiating from her chest from being away from her munchkin, but that's a different story.

Lina, who was a high powered solicitor before she decided to become a SAHM, has such a way with words that you leave her blog feeling all lovely and mooshy inside. But she can also make you giggle, especially when you check out her AMAZING video of 'All The Pregnant Ladies' filmed when she was 28 weeks pregnant.

If you want to connect with Lina you can check her out on Facebook and Twitter too.

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  1. I recently went to a wedding where the wedding song was "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica.  Hubby looked at me with that look of "why didn't we do that?" Answer: because I hate Metallica with the ferocity of 1000 white hot suns.

    I wanted to have Abba's 'I do, I do, I do, I do, I do" playing as we left the church. Hubby wouldn't have it.My 21 month old toddler can work the ipad and he has taken to playing Metallica. Hubby just smiles.

    Going to watch your video now.

    Love & stuff
    Mrs M

  2. Differences and similarities are such interesting things to look at. Sounds like the differences are working well with you guys. I'm glad to hear that you didnt have highway to hell for your bridal waltz though!!

  3. OMG Maria, please don't give my hubby any more ideas... LOL.

  4. Hi Susannah. Hubby and I joke a lot about our differences (all the time, actually), but it's why we fell in love at the end of the day. BTW, Barry White and I won the bridal waltz song debate :)

  5. OH my gosh - did he really do that!!! Did he really change your son nappy on a dogs mat? Did he really want the song highway to hell on your wedding list!!!
    What about the flowers and the that is gorgeous. Sure looks like opposites do work in a relationship!!! Gosh its going to be so good to see how your son grows over the years, and see his own little personality come out!
    Great blog post on He Did What Wednesday by Mothers Love Letters - thanks Lina :)

  6. Lisa, I don't lie. Now, I admit I "may" have left out certain details for embellishment and dramatic purposes, but I don't lie :)

  7. This is so funny, looking at the before and after baby pictures of hubby, it doesn't look like much has changed lol You have certainly portrayed his softer side though telling us of his thoughtful gestures. Not too many men would go and buy a breast pump - mine probably wouldn't even know what one was.

  8. Haha, I love the photos Lina, though I am sticking with "Dad knows best" when it comes to teaching your son the ins and outs of classic rock and getting the death stare right.  Looks like you have a fast learner there :)

  9. Arghhhhh!!!  Barry White!!!!   I think I might even prefer Metallica

  10. Absolute classic Lina - your hubby's a gem - but you get my vote girl. 
    I never did like Metallica - but had he wanted Queen's 'We are the Champions' or Muse's 'Uprising' I may have to have swung the other way :)

  11. That cracked me up - because he sounds just like my husband.  And I loved the pregnancy video!!

  12. The Husband and I walked out of the church to Abba's I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do....that was my choice. The Husband didn't get any say in the music - he didn't really care thank goodness. And I think he was too drunk to realise what was actually playing anyway (and yes, I mean the church - he got plastered the morning of the ceremony *smacks forehead*)

  13. Absolute classic Lina!  You get my vote, however what I do love is that you guys have a lot of fun together. What a great environment for any child to be in :).

  14. Haha, he sounds like a very awesome Aussie bloke to me! 

  15. The breast pump purchase while I was at home, straight after child birth, was pretty cool. It's a really good pump too!

  16. Dean and I have fights all the time about his music. Arrrgghhh, classic rock - The music genre that teaches me patience (sitting through a whole sing nearly kills me).

  17. Thanks Marti! Give me a bitta booty-liscious Beyonce any day!

  18. Our household is a lot of fun, I have to admit. I tell my son it's pretty cool to hang out with his oldies :)

  19. You're right on the money. He's awesome, Miss Pink. I love him xx

  20. Hey Simon, thanks for the support.  I think you hit the nail on the head with your comment, "Dad knows best."  I mean, you can't beat the classic rock/heavy metal era.  I gotta teach the young fella the death stare early, so when he goes to his 1st concert, he'll fit right in.  Next is the horns 1_1...  he he, see how mums likes them apples.  

  21. Yeap, thanks Miss Pink.  Deep down Lina loves a great Aussie rough bloke.  One who spills beer down his top, one who annoys the hell out of her with his taste in music, who can also bake & cook.  What else would she want????  

  22. Thanks Jan, but I needed your help earlier with that comment.  However I have won on another front.  My car, my music.  Lina doesn't have a car and she cannot drive my manual car.  So I've had it written in the marriage certificate that My car, my music is the rule.  You only get Bayy once, but you get years and years of METALLICA.  hehehe..  And she thought she was smart.  

  23. Peeps, let me set this blog straight.  Yes I might have changed my boys nappy on a dog mat.  He needed changing so I did it.

    Yes I did ask Lina to write her contractions and time them.  But I was driving her safely to the hospital.  And I was doing the right thing of keeping time.  I call that multi-tasking.  

    Yes I probably have had more beer spilt on me than down my throat, but it was Oktober Fest in Munich.


    Yes I am teaching my son the death stare and horns to the likes of Metallica (isn't he cute which that top on), AC/DC etc.  But who else can get our son to sleep playing heavy metal.  Only daddy can.  

    Our marriage certificate is still at our respective lawyers, as the inclusions Lina is talking about are not actually included.  If you wish for a true and accurate version of the marriage certificate I can easily send it to you, as I have learnt to photocopy original documents.  

    So I'm happy to fill in the gaps that Lina has been so kind to leave out.  

    I love you my beautiful wife, even with all the differences we have.  it is those differences we have that make our love so strong.


  24. Details, details. No mummy blogger likes to ruin a good blog post with details ;) I love you too, my darling, father of our child xx

  25. Hahaha..Great work Deano, I can see Khoa is a quick little learner, he's got the "Death Stare" down pat already. :-)

    I'd have to agree that "Dad knows best", you gotta start teaching them right from wrong from an early age. Our little munchkin is still in mums tummy and I'm trying to teach the Brisbane Lions Theme song.

    Some might say that I'm determined to breed the Western Bulldogs supporters out of the family...well that might be true...but I'm only to save my child from years of disappointment...hahaha!!

  26. Hahaha !  This is a side to Lina that I'm so glad to see - her AC/DC loving husband !!!  Yays !  What I want to know is...what did make it as the bridal waltz song ???

  27. My taste is more like some orchestral Chopin for the bridal waltz. My favourite parts were when he baked the anti nausea muffins and buying the pump. I reckon 50/50 is a fair deal - that way we stay friends.
    Big Hug

  28. Oh man, the footy songs! Looks like I got it easy... ;)

  29. "You're My Everything", Barry White! That's a really sweet comment, Grace :)

  30. I'm the first to admit that your music tastes are, overall, far more cultured and sophisticated than ours. Those muffins were pretty good :)

  31. We had a lot of punk at our wedding. A LOT. Metallica even made an appearance. Fall Out Boy, Jimmy Eat World, you name it. But I would have put my foot down to Highway to Hell! Our bridal waltz was actually very pretty :)

  32. GO the Veggie Foot! I would have loved to be a fly on the wall at your wedding! :)

  33. That was just too funny Lina! It's those differences that we love though
    isn't it? It's those qualities our partner has that we wish we had or
    were stronger in and vice versa. And those little things we do that make
    life easy, like me showering in the evening and Grant in the morning.
    He likes chicken breast and I like the wings and drumstick, he likes
    driving and I don't. He teaches Ly to man up and I get to spoil and
    cuddle our baby boy.'s good!

  34. I missed out on any music in or out of the church, The organist for got to turn up 

  35. The three of you sound like such a beautiful little family... Perfect match, chicken eating bits and all. Hope I get to meet you all one day.

  36. How does an organist just "forget" to show up to someone's wedding!? Woops!

  37. Metallica, Brisbane Lions, it's all the same isn't it? Dads are determined to make their stamp on the kid so they don't feel left out. 

    Of course, teaching a 3yo '80s hip-hop grooves is another matter, especially when you get it back at you in a new "creative" way. "When you're walking down the street, and you're movin' to the beat, and the beat is in your feet - don't do what your Mum says!" I'm sure you have loads of fun adventures ahead of you Lina. I look forward to reading all about them. (And I love that your hubby has put in his two-bob worth - that is true support!)

  38. ACDC's Highway to Hell is an awesome wedding song. I just wished I thought of it. I cant remember who or what the first song was for the bridal waltz was at my wedding but the second song was Motley Crue's Dr Feelgood (Live) and it rocked. Our background was what normal people play during the wedding reception, you know Pantera, Motley, Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer, Guns n Roses, it was great.

  39. I was at the AC/DC exhibition at Perth Museum the other day and a lady was taking a photo of her son (about 3 years old) in front of the AC/DC sign.  As he posed he yelled out "I'm gunna stand like AC/DC!" and did the horns.  It was the cutest thing ever.  You have much to look forward to!  :)

  40. Oh man, Glow, you met the 'All the Pregnant Ladies' star?!  Cool!  I sent that video around to my friends when I saw it on your FB wall.

    *waves shyly* Hi Lina!  :)

  41. Better than You Lost That Loving Feeling walking down the aisle haha.  I agree bub looks petrified, I think if he could walk or crawl he would have jumped out of his daddy's lap.  maybe he has more mum's taste in music.  aww that's sweet about the flowers, you're so lucky your hubby can cook, there's a rare gem. 

  42. Toddler Hip Hop! Move over, The Wiggles! So cute, Cath!
    (I don't know anything about those AFL (AFL, yeah?) teams. I'm from Sydney! LOL!)

  43. Who asked you, Brett??? Oh, Dean did... LOL ;)

  44. Yep, I'm the Pregnant Beyonce WannaBe! Not pregnant anymore... And not really Beyonce... But, you know, I can always try! :)

  45. I reckon in that pic, bubs is thinking, "Who Is This Man forcing me to wear this jumpsuit??? I want my mummy!" Heehee... The flowers were beautiful and totally unexpected. Two great things.

  46. Gorgeous post Lina!  It sounds like you guys have such a great and fun relationship.

  47. Lina@MothersLoveLettersOctober 24, 2011 at 1:39 PM

    Thanks, Nic! We do xx


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