Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hi, Chair! - Boomer Highchair Review

In the spirit of full disclosure, this post is part of my sponsorship to attend Blogopolis. I would love it if you could read it. 

When we were buying everything in preparation for Tricky to enter this world I gave myself a $1000 budget to get everything. Cot, change table, baby clothes for a year, pram, car seat and even my own maternity clothes (I failed at this task, but scraped in at just under $2K).

When we got Tricky's highchair it didn't break the bank... we spent a whopping $7.50 on a second hand one from the Baby & Kids Markets - it was one of those moulded plastic jobbies from that Swedish place known for allen keys and meatballs. I didn't see the point in spending a fortune on something that would be used for less than 12 months before he was sitting up at the table anyway.

Now the Boomer Highchair is considerably more expensive than $7.50... but it's also going to last considerably longer than a year. You're looking at fifteen years of use. FIFTEEN! 15! Possibly even more because the Boomer grows with your munchkin from a first solids high chair to booster chair to dining chair, see:

It's European influenced so it's like the BMWof highchairs; well engineered, functional and funky, but it's Australian designed so it's like a Holden too; easy to use, long lasting and durable.

The Boomer ticks a couple of important boxes too: it's made from plantation rubber wood so it's eco friendly and because of the foot platform it encourages good posture.

There's an optional five point harness available if your child is a daredevil and likes to launch himself from furniture like Tricky does. Strapping him in will be necessary until he develops a sense of danger (either of falling or being yelled at).

One thing Tricky didn't like about the chair was how sturdy it was. The kid likes to push furniture around and has done so at every opportunity since he could coast along (he's practising his furniture removal skills at nine months old in this video). As a result my floors will not be worn down with the incessant scraaaaape, a rather unexpected bonus!

But what I really like about the Boomer is that it is easy to clean (just a quick wipe, no grooves for food to get caught in) and it gets kids at the table for mealtimes and gives them the opportunity to learn about how meal times work to encourage good habits young!

If you want to get your hands on a Boomer Highchair they are available at selected children's boutiques or you can go straight to the source and buy one online. They are currently retailing at the introductory price of $199.95 (plus $25 flat rate postage) which makes it about $13 per year of use! After that they'll be around $290 so jump in quick to grab a bargain and tell Piccolo Innovations that Glowless sent you!


  1. It's soooo good, Daisy!!! And it matches our dining table too funnily enough! 

  2. Owww I wanted to see a picture of a 15 year old in a high chair. (I don't know why)

  3. I'm not sure I need carpet as badly as I need three of those!

  4. At that price I'm so glad I don't need one.
    I remember paying a whole lot less for a high chair that lasted through my four kids and got lent out to a couple of others in between.

  5. I absolutely love it! I'm in the market for a high chair too....

  6. To be fair, River, hasn't it been 20+ years since that purchase? 

  7. Now, that's what I call a damn good product review. I feel like inventing something, just to get you to review it. Love the gorgeous child model in the pics too :)

  8. oh I love this highchair. I wish I had known about it years ago. My crappy crapster is crap.

  9. You'll be pleased to know that I have just blown a portion of my relocation allowance on ordering two of these for Seagull and Wombat. As soon as I read your review months ago, I decided that I would be ordering these for the boys. Wombat is getting too big for his el cheapo high chair from the place of allen keys and meatballs and Seagull refuses to use a booster seat. I figure that this is the perfect solution for both boys.


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