Friday, August 26, 2011

FlogYoBlog Friday: The Choppergate Edition

Frank the Anch-or: For this special Edition of FlogYoBlog Friday we're crossing live to our reporter, Glowless, in the chopper. You're live, Glow..

Glowless: Thanks, Frank. Hi everyone, welcome to FlogYoBlog Friday: The Choppergate Edition. At this moment I'm flying over the suburb of Balcatta...

Frank the Anch-or: Err, Glow, I think you might be mistaken...

Glowless: Did I say Balcatta? I meant Bayswater.

Frank the Anch-or: Nup, try again.

Glowless: OK, I give up. I'm out the back in front of a green screen. Not even in a chopper because the station couldn't afford one. But geeez, doesn't it look so real?!?!

Aviator sunnies add to the authenticity, right?

The Rules
(As stolen from Lori, thus making Baby Jesus cry... sorry)
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  1. Been having heaps of trouble getting the link for the 'FlogYoBlog' button to work on my blogsite... but just go it working cos i am awesome!!! and its only taken me like two weeks... anyways, just letting you know, cos i doubt anyone else in my commune will care... High Five!!

  2. Figured out yesterday that the code last week, even though it's copy pasted every week, was glitchy. No idea why! Sorry & thanks for persevering.

  3. Glow you are gorgeous (especially in a chopper), hilarious and oh so dedicated.  How on earth do you find the space in your Mummy brain to come up with these FYBF shenanigans?  I love you.

  4. Leanne Shea LangdownAugust 26, 2011 at 8:46 AM

    Looks real enough to me! Thanks for hosting :) 

  5. Veronica @ Mixed GemsAugust 26, 2011 at 8:52 AM

    Great intro to today's FYBF! Keep those creative wheels turning.

  6. GAH! My button code has decided to PMS again! If anyone coming to the comments to tell me this actually knows how to make code that worked fine for MONTHS start working again I'd love some help and will pay you in unicorns and rainbows.

  7. I took my chopper to the Kelloggs Brunch. Oh no wait, I drove my car. Hey blog button won't work for me either! xo

  8. Did you try just then? Because it's new code as of an hour ago.

  9. Or chopper blades rotating in this case :P

  10. It's uncanny how real it looks. I think I'll get a job doing CGI for Hollywood.

  11. It's not achieved without much Thursday night panicking...

  12. bahahahahaha what a crack up! you are such a funny chick!

  13. You've got your finger on the pulse Glow. How ridiculous that they felt the need to fake a live cross. Eeedjots. Happy FYBF :-)

  14. You're just so "Top Gun" with those aviators ?
    I really am stuck in the '80's, aren't I ??? LOL !
    As always, thanks for hosting, gorgeous lady x

  15. You look fabulous in your aviators, darh-ling...We might get to see you flying overhead more often these days..We are moving back to Dullsville, I mean Perth very soon. Wont be such a mission yo get to those Perth blogger meet ups from now on, methinks!


  16. Sounds great.You are all so dedicated.

  17. Am I to late to flog/?     you crazy Aussies and your bizzarre timezones...      I'm not sure if the almost-but-not-quite-factual autobiography of Dang Gina counts the theme - but hey ho :-)  

  18. Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week, try the chicken.

  19. Does that make me Maverick? Or Iceman? Shit, I better not be Goose.

  20. Oh wow! We're looking at moving down... not quite to Mags, but Bunno area. Not any time soon, next few years.

  21. I am dedicated to badly photoshopped pictures

  22. Ah but that is the beauty of the theme! It's only for yours truly :)
    And yep, bizarre timezones and language. We vacuum the couch while you hoover the settee. Weird.

  23. The aviators are very convincing.

  24. Without them it just looked silly. I mean who goes up in the air without wearing aviators???


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