Wednesday, August 3, 2011

He Did What!? Wednesday - By Going Left

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He SAID What!? - By Going Left

The Chef is a good man.

Totally not a handyman, but he makes good coffee so it makes up for it.

 Also has the weakest stomach you have ever seen!

During the labour of our first child he spent a heck of a lot of time laying on the couch moaning that he did not feel well.

He also passed out, cold on the floor during MY epidural.

The poor kid, he just can’t take needles

To give him credit, he was wonderfully supportive in between (his) vomiting and passing out,

BUT, I will never forget how hard I wanted to shake the heck out of him for this little gem:

As the epidural took effect and our baby started to crown the nurse called him and said come and have a look your baby is coming, his exact words were “That’s not going to fit out of there!”

Urgh! Are you kidding me! I assure you it is… God love him I’m sure it was shock…
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Lil is from Going Left. When nothing goes right, go left. Easy, right? But not for too long or you'll end up swimming in circles.

She is a mama to Pooky, Dinosaur and Moo and wife to one man who obviously doesn't always think before he speaks and they all live together on a farm 

She is currently studying to be a midwife because cooking, cleaning and ferrying kids everywhere isn't really challenging enough.

For ease of stalking you can find her on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. ah lol. Sam got a shock of his life when he saw the huge ass needle sticking out of my back. He was fantastic though.

  2. This is what we expected (both he and I) the WOrkaholic to be like during labour and birth.  He surprised both himself and me by actually being helpful at the pointy end (supporting my left leg and offering fantastic feedback both verbally and via facial expressions!) for both births.

    Men really are big wusses aren't they!?

  3. Loved this - hilarious! So helpful of him. I'm surprised he made it through two more :)

  4. Love this. Reminded me of when I was in hospital after having our daughter & DH made the fatal error of complaining about a headache. Needless to say his back was missing several strips by the time he slunk out the door to buy apology flowers LOL!

  5. He passed out in the operating theatre for number 3... god love him!

  6. My husband didn't even flinch when a giant glob of god knows what attached itself to his leg when we were in the bath for my labour. I wonder if he'll ever forgive me?!


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