Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Letter to Tricky - eleven months

Dear Tricky,

You're walking, baby! At age 10 months and 15 days you took your first proper steps! In the week leading up to it, you took one step a few times, then a few falling steps, so Mama thought it might be getting close, then when we were visiting your Perth Nanna and Pop you let go of my knee and walked to Pop. We all squealed and clapped and you had no idea what you'd done but clapped along with us anyway.

Then when Dad came home, you did it again! We whipped out the video camera and were lucky enough to capture you doing it a few more times and you can now do about 15 in a row if you're really awake!

But then I made the mistake of trying to keep your feet warm in shoes on the one day it rained and you haven't forgiven me and refuse to walk near me but will still happily walk to your Dad. I'm sorry little guy, please forgive me - I won't make you wear them again.

Perth Pop had a big operation and we went to visit him in the hospital - you knew something was up because you didn't stretch out for him to pick you up like you normally do. It wasn't until he was home again and standing up that you wanted to be near him again. He can't pick you up for another month yet and you're already letting us know that you don't approve of this no-pick-up-Pop.

You like to make broombroom noises when you play with your car and woofwoof noises when you see any type of animal. Your favourite thing to do is to walk laps around the lounge room with your block trolley - you're almost running with it! You absolutely love to go under things, even when careening around with the block trolley and I giggle every single time you approach the table, check it out and then duck your head to go under it.

You've been to three first birthday parties already and there are a lot more to go to very soon - including your own!

Just one more month, cheeky-chops, and you'll officially be a toddler.

Love Mama xxx

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  1. Happy 11 months gorgeous! He walked at the same age my daughter did. And once they start they wont ever stop!

  2. Oh Tricky is adorable!!! What a clever little thing, walking before 1!

  3. Gorgeous - I love those first little wobbly steps!!

  4. Bogan baby don't want to wear no shoes! Sheesh, don't you know anything, Glowless???

  5. Beautiful post.
    Congratulations on walking Tricky.
    Soon he'll be running everywhere and you'll have to change your name to Breathless, just from chasing him.

  6. Yay Tricky.:) don't worry about the shoe thing, my bub walked at 10 months but is only just getting used to shoes 6 months later.

  7. Oh what a fabulous time of their life...enjoy every they grow too quick...I miss my kids :)

  8. Well done Tricky - now you can start running!

  9. Nice one Tricky! What a clever button you are!

    And how wonderful will that cuddle with Pop be when it comes?

    My Dad had radiotherapy last year and was unable to have much contact with my small boy (or me as I was pregnant) for quite a long time. It was particularly hard on my T-boy, but they both make up for it now :)

  10. Another beautiful letter, Glowless. And how clever to be walking already. That's truly an achievement!!! I think Ella was over 12 months before she mastered putting one foot in front of the other!

  11. What a clever boy! So early. And if there's anything cuter than a baby clapping, I don't want to know about it...

  12. Clever little thing! Those first steps, they make your heart beat so fast don't they? Such excitement! I'm glad your Dad is doing better, I keep meaning to message you to ask. I'm sorry I haven't yet. I have been thinking of him though.

    Enjoy your first mothers' day.

  13. awww I love writing letters to my daughter too, you should bind them (try and give it to him when he's older :)

  14. Awww walking! at 10 months! thats so awesome! good one tricky, clever boy.

  15. Ah, found your Letters To Tricky! Your descriptive writing is excellent. When the time comes, and your memory starts to fail you, these letters are going to make you go, "Oh, I remember that!" They'll also make great 21st Birthday speech material (*Mum, you're sooo embarrassing!*).


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