Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sick as a Dog

WARNING: On a scale from one to whinge-o-rama, this post is right at the top!

I don't often get sick. Not proper sick. Not stay-in-bed-and-sleep, use-an-entire-box-of-tissues sick.

Yet here I am with a constantly running nose, a thumping headache and a cough that feels like it is ripping my throat out. And the aching, oh the aching!

I've only been sick once since Tricky came on the scene - I ended up in the emergency room being pumped full of FOUR LITRES of fluids because I so dehydrated from throwing up so much.

Because I was so sick last time and could barely move, Map Guy had some days off work to look after me and ten week old Tricks (and then some more time off because I was so caring that I shared my bugs with him), but this time... well this time I'm just normal sick so there will be no 'carer's leave'; no bringing of water, no making of lunch, no time to laze about while someone else watches Tricky and definitely no ringing of small bells when I want someone to fluff my pillows.

Aunty Penny will be so proud I've used a LolCat

I know. Toughen up, Duchess Princess. Mamas do this all the time.

It's a prerequisite of motherhood that you be willing to suck it up and keep going. To soldier on. To cook dinner with one hand while you hold a screaming baby in the other and figure out which way to turn your head to cough. To smile and clap while your child shows off his skills and looks to you for encouragement when all you want to do is curl up with a cup of tea, a box of tissues and hard-core flu medicine.

So my dishes sit in the sink, the nappies remain unwashed, and the entire lounge room floor is covered in blocks and toys. And I don't care. It will all be there waiting for me when I'm better, so why bust my gut doing it now?

How do you cope when you're sick and looking after kids?
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  1. Im so sorry you are feeling so awful and there is nobody to help. I would come and feed you chicken soup (good for the soul, apparently).

    The last time I was sick sick, I was in the hospital with the girl. It was awful. I thought I could just curl up on my hospital cardboard box er, I mean bed and die. I had just spent the last ten days tending to the sickies at home and that included the husband and then Ivy got sick just as my joints started to ache and my head started to pound. There just is no down time and pretending to be fine when you feel anything but is hard.

    Like you, I just suck it up, do the bare minimum, use the television alot for baby sitting and do as many simple meals as I can think of. Take away probably plays a big role in there too.

    The beauty of having teenage girls is that they will often pick up some of my slack when I am off colour, so long as they are well themselves but after the whole family is mowed down the house looks like an absolute bomb has hit it.

    Hang in there and I hope you feel better soon.

  2. I let everything slide until I get better. For me it isn't the headcolds and seasonal bugs that cause issue so much as the Crohns flareups and migraines - particularly when they combine, which seems to happen depressingly often Crohns flare up = dehydration = migraine.

    Then it is one foot in front of the other and if I make it through the day without me having a screaming meltdown at everyone in a 10 mile radius we are good.

  3. Cope? Ha...I barely cope when I'm well!!! The poor kids do cop a bit of craziness and I try, try, try not to do anything so that I don't feel worse! Hubby cooks, so I don't have to worry about that at least...I don't know how you gals do it all.

  4. It is horrible being sick with kids. When Farmboy was small I had recurrent tonsillitis and was very unwell for quite a while. Would love to tell you how I coped but it was so awful I think I have blocked it out...!

    Get well soon.

  5. I hope you get better soon. It really sucks to be sick when you have kids to look after. No sick days anymore...

  6. Tissues, lots of tissues. And a little bag taped to the box to collect them all in after the Infamous Tissue Eating incident.
    It's all about prioritising. Yes, the children need to be fed and changed. No, the vacuum will not curl up and die if it doesn't get used today. That sort of thing.
    Feel better soon!

  7. I am ready to sing the praises of ABC3 - It was put on a few times yesterday when I just wanted to sit down and do nothing!
    Don't know how you manage to do it all, Tiff, you're a superstar x

  8. Sending you a virtual-reality style giant box of man size tissues so you can get all serious on the snot front. Because you are not bailing out of Friday night. Lest I be the only loudly and inappropriately early drunken Mama. Oh, and this is what 2 minute noodles and takeaway is for - when you can't do it yourself. Now go get your a Snuggie (leopard print...noice) and convalesce until Friday.

  9. Hope you are feeling better!
    I too very rarely get sick, so when I do it's not so nice! :|

    Let the cold season begin...Yikes! x

  10. Don't make me laugh, it makes me cough!!!

  11. Easy. I don't cope. It's bloody hard when I'm sick ... I don't have anyone to look after me or help with the kids really, but at least now they are getting older - 10 and 8 - they aren't quite as needy. They are also good at helping and will even make cups of teas, scrambled eggs/omelettes/and basic stuff. We usually empty the freezer and pantry if I'm ill and maybe one night will order pizza. They try not to fight and bicker when I'm ill, not that it always lasts long! Being sick sucks! Hope you are better soon xo

  12. You are allowed self-pity. I give you permission xo

  13. Argh being sick sucks so much more when you have others to look after and no one to look after you.

    I agree in not doing anything unnecessary, like cleaning, until you are healed. I'm pretty sure there's proof that cleaning makes you sick anyway. I'll be a case study anyway. Cleaning is evil.

    I hope you get better soon and sickness stays away from you and your family.

  14. Welcome to Motherhood, keep in mind that when this is over, its more than likely that you've passed this on to Map Guy and you'll have to put up with 'Man Flu'!
    God help us all.

  15. I soldier on (but without Codral, because I'm breastfeeding).
    My tip (if you want it!) is a berry, yoghurt, cinnamon and honey smoothie. Seriously, all four foods are immune building foods and seem to knock colds over within days!
    Also, good old honey and lemon drinks and spaghetti bolognese with lots of chilli and garlic!

  16. I've been sick a handful of times since Miss Boo has graced me with her presence. When she was about 8 weeks old and my parents were overseas (cause that's Murphy's Law), we lay in bed for 3 days and she helped herself to the breast!
    Then she got bigger and needed feeding and entertaining (and would not watch TV)! Sending her off to daycare for the maximum amount of time allowed so I could wallow in bed worked for a nasty bout of bronchitis and again for swine flu!
    I recommend not calling your mother to come over and feed your 18 month old (and maybe take them away for a couple of hours) when you are sooooo hungover from a night of tequila shots. She will reprimand you on being an irresponsible parent, and you will just want to throw up again!!

    Hope you feel better soon xxx

  17. That sounds like Man Flu - call a doctor fast


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