Friday, May 27, 2011

FlogYoBlog Friday - The Oprah Edition

Morning all,

Have you been watching the Oprah farewell shows? I've been... well... busy. Washing my hair or something.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit interested, but I can get the highlights through the constant bombardment on Twitter and every. single. ad. break. on channel 10.

I never watched any of the Australian tour shows either... apparently that means there is something wrong with me.

I realize she's awesome, she's changed lives and blah blah blah, but if I've got no interest in watching everyone piss in her pocket and claim to be her BFF... I mean, she doesn't even have a blog...

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The Rules
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  1. Should have been the SILVERCHAIR HIBERNATION edition. 

    *note to self: write post on silverchair*

  2. I considered it, but like a few others I kinda thought they'd broken up years ago.

  3. Oh man i am so out of it. I was like WTF? It's only Thursday, you've posted it a day early *headdesk*
    I didn't even realise they were on TBH. Oh well, i'm sure we will see repeats a couple of hundred times :X

  4. Amen to that sister!  Never been a mega huge fan, never really watched it unless the kids were totally shitting me and I needed to drown them out.  Kudos to her for all of her achievements, but it's done now so let's leave it for the annual anniversary DVD re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-releasing that we'll have to put up with being advertised every year.....

  5. Thank you for your continuum effort to organize this...I have not been here for the last couple of weeks....things sometime get over the top...
    I have to say as much as I wanted to watch the Oprah show...I keep forgetting to do so...I am not much of a TV person, but yesterday I did manage to see bits and pieces of it. I have to say it is nice to see someone helping other and achieving so much :)

  6. She has everything, except... a blog? OK, changing m mind about her now!

  7. OMG yeah. She doesn't have a blog. Good point!

  8. I can't believe you just said that Glowless - with all that spare time she now has, she's totally gonna become Oprah Blogger, Queen of the Blogosphere and I STILL won't be able to get away from her!

  9. Leanne Shea LangdownMay 27, 2011 at 8:41 AM

    Hi Glowless, I'm afraid to admit it but I'm one of Oprah's BFFs. We're very close.
    Hey, are you allowed to link up twice? I've linked up twice.  Hope I didn't break the rules.
    Thanks for hosting! 

  10. God, there's a disturbing mental image - Oprah's blog!!!  Thanx so much, I'll be imagining the 'possiblities' of that all day!!

    Thanx for hosting - look forward to some great weekend reading!

  11. LOL!  Watching Oprah right now...  Have learnt so much because of her show.  That was before the interwebz.  In the olden days...

  12. Ah man, I'm always late to the flog show. I've got to tell Oprah to stop pissing in my pocket so I can stay on top of these things. Get yer own blog, woman!

  13. I have watched some of Oprah's final show here and there and it felt like I was in church!  Like she was giving a sermon.

  14. It's gonna be trotted out as encore screenings for aaaaages!

  15. This isn't the end, you can expect al sorts of specials and the like from her I'm sure

  16. My mum is a Groupie of hers too :) I'll let you off for linking twice x


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