Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You've Got Mail

If you've been playing along at home you'd know that a few weeks back I got a snarky letter from Tricky's paediatrician who failed to diagnose his Craniosynostosis even though he had three of the four markers for it.

There was such a great response to the post; comments, emails and tweets of support. It was one of those times I'm so thankful for this tight knit community.

When I sent off my reply to the doctor a few weeks later I tweeted that my whole body was shaking and I felt like crying. The gorgeous Toushka Lee saw that tweet and immediately asked me for my address, saying she'd bought something that day, and after reading that, felt like I needed it more than her.

I was quite taken aback. Someone wants to send me something? Just to cheer me up? How amazing is that?

So yesterday, a full week after it was posted (thanks, Australia Post) it arrived...

It will come in super handy should I receive any further correspondence from the dickead doctor.

Also tucked in the package was not one, but two hand written notes; one for me...

And one for Tricky's paediatrician...

So what do you think? Should I forward it on??? She certainly does get her point across, don't you think?

My darling Toushka, thank you so so so much for thinking of me and taking the time and effort to send it. You have me grinning like a Cheshire Cat and stamping every single piece of paper I passed... and Map Guy's forehead xxx

Toushka is nominated for the Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers - go and vote for her... or you might just get a letter like that.
Glowless rocked the Aussie Bloggers Conference thanks to


  1. Now, that is one freaking cool stamp.
    With stamps like that, I could actually be tempted to get a 9-5 job stamping documents all day...
    Who could have known, that those two words could bring so much joy. Freaking hilarious! :)
    Thanks for sharing, Official F OFF Stamping Lady :)

  2. Love it. Where can I get me a Fuck Off stamp?  

  3.  Aww love it!! Way to go Toushka Lee! Such a nice post Glowless xox

  4. You get the stamps from a store named Typo. Glow, there's one at joondalup. I bought my mum that one and one that says 'Crap' on it for mothers day.

  5. I found it at Typo. I love that store 

  6.  Awww, I feel all gushy and warm inside after reading that, thanks Glow and Toushka.And on a more serious note, I suggest getting the makers of the stamp to sponsor your blog would be a win/win blog/brand action. ;-)

  7. She's a clever girl, that one..  And kind.... Stamp away, Glowless....!

  8. Love it!! Toushka you rock hard core!

  9.  So glad you like it. I had a feeling you would. I'm surprised you can read my writing. As a blogger it has been a hell of a long time since I had to handwrite anything more than the kinder sign in sheet. The thing that is missing from paper these days is spell check and different fonts. 

  10.  She does indeed get her point across! How awesome is that stamp. I want to stamp it on my kids heads to all those annoying people who try to get up in their buisness. Lol.

  11. Awesome, so very very awesome.

  12. For her kindness (and because her parents won't vote for her... WTF is that about?) I'm heading over to vote for her now.

    For you, I hope that you don't receive another letter from said DH but if you do, send Map Guy to his office so he can stamp the DH's face, take a photo of it and tweet it to the world! x 

  13. Brilliant! Toushka Lee I think that store is going to need to offer you commission, because I am totally heading online to get me one of those stamps

  14. Best. Stamp. Ever. What a lovely thing Toushka did - she rocks.

  15.  What a wonderful thing Toushka did for you! And love the letter ;)

  16. Ha ha, love it! Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Mr A-hole.
    Great stamp - if they sold them online I'd have bought one in a jiffy this afternoon.  

  17. I'll give her a vote - love that stamp - could use it to send back all the junk mail letters.
    Glad she cheered you up.

  18. Ha Ha, LOVE the stamp.
    Now I have to go and check what Craniowhatsit is.... 

  19. Toushka rocks, Glowless rocks and Tricky is the most rockin' of all. You can tell that paed from me that he sucks arse and why can't he be more like the warm and fuzzy kid doctors on Greys Anatomy - they would never have made such a crucial error.


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