Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Like My Ponies Sunny Side Up

I have done a few giveaways on the blog. A portrait sitting worth almost $300, a HealthyChart, and tickets to UWA Extension's Baby Talk series, but this giveaway has been, by far, the most popular.

Which I take to mean you all think my colouring skills are brilliant and that the pony will be so fantabulous that it will one day make you money. To which I, of course, completely agree.

I had so much fun reading the 24 brilliant entries - you guys are funneh! My favourite was from Keshia of The Wiggins Tribe who was going to pass it off as one of her son's and give it to Granny for her birthday. I like your style, Keshia, if I was in to rigging prizes, you would have won!

So the winner, the person you need to direct your jealousies towards, is none other than the divine Kirrily from Sunny Side Up! You might have already guessed that though from the title. Oh well.

I'm sure you'll be wanting to stalk her, you know, since she has your pony picture, so you can do that on twitter. You could TwitPic a drawing of a horses head in a bed ala The Godfather.

Kirrily, send your address details to me at Glowless {at} wheresmyglow {dot} com and your one of a kind, Glowless original will be yours, ready to frame just as soon as Map Guy gets the printer working!

And stay tuned because there will be another giveaway towards the end of this week, though sadly it doesn't involve colouring.


  1. Damn, I bet money on that horse!

  2. Aww, Man!! Winning this competition has been my life long dream practically since the day I saw it posted. Crushed.

  3. Bwahahahaaaaa that title ought to be a dead giveaway.

    I am all over this pony prize. Gimme! (oh yeah.... I have to send you my address first)

  4. Congratulations Kirrily. I really wanted to win this one :(


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