Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dot Com, Baby! - Giveaway

Cast your eyes upwards folks, all the way up past the page tabs, past the header and stop in your address bar... do you see it? Do ya? If you're looking at the wall behind your computer you've gone too far, come down a bit.

That glorious address !!!

That's right, I've gone dot com, baby!

I'll give you a minute while you go and change your bookmark (you do have this page bookmarked, right?)

To celebrate this momentous occasion I'm giving away a pony!

OK so that might put a bit too much of a squeeze on my budget, plus they're a bitch to giftwrap.

How about this?

We're getting closer. It's definitely in my price range but it really doesn't say "gimmick giveaway" enough does it?

Aaah, now what about this little beauty?

Yep, that's it! I will download and print a picture of a horse and colour it in for you!

Is that not the coolest prize you have ever heard of?

It's perfect, really. It's small, it's easy, it's cheap and much easier to fit inside a mailbox. 

If you'd like to win a picture of a pony, painstakingly coloured in by yours truly, leave a comment below telling me how fantastic I am why you want to win! Because I know how desperate you are to win this awesome prize, I'm going to let you enter as many times as you want.

Entry is open to everyone, even my handful of overseas readers - they're very cool and have funky accents. Entries close at 8pm on the 15th of January at which time the lucky winner will be chosen using

No ponies were harmed in the production of this crappy blog post.

Make sure you sign in to Disqus (the comment widget) with a valid email address so you can be contacted when you win. If you have trouble with the widget you can email your entry to Glowless{at}wheresmyglow{dot}com. (See that, got a groovy new email address to match!) 


Meet Glowless at the Aussie Bloggers' Conference thanks to HealthyChart and Baby Goes Retro!


  1. I would like to win a colored pony because I once saw my sister fell off a horse and I am a little bit scared that it will happen to me. Also I am scared to ride a pony because I am scared that I might break it's back because I am heavy.

    So by winning a colored pony, at least I can dream about riding one and not be scared. :)

  2. Yes please, sign me up! (Though a MLP woulda been better I {heart} those things lol)

  3. I'd love to win a pony. No particular reason. I just want to win something... anything.

  4. I've updated my bookmark, do I get an extra entry for that?

  5. I want a pony because the rego is due on Mr SawHole's $1000 ute and we need to pay $500 just so we can get its defects fixed so it can be registered. Pony = much cheaper.

  6. I want to see how good your coloring skills are...I might be able to frame it and sell on etsy as an original, one off, never to be repeated design.

    I could be rich!

  7. congrats on your .com! Well done! Very exciting!

  8. I would love to win this! I've never been a pony person, but I'd say this is the BEST way to have a pony.

  9. Would love a picture of a pony coloured in by you. My besties little girl is OBSESSED with ponies.... would love to give it to her. And congrats on the dot com :)

  10. Why wouldn't I want a picture of a pony, hand coloured by yourself. Why wouldn't anyone want such a marvellous thing? If I win this, I will be bragging all over Twitter about my amazing good fortune (unless you do a really dodgy job with the colouring, in which case I will be bagging you out - you've been warned). :-)

  11. oh my god. you've lost it this time!

    PS - this is a comment, so I'm in the running right? 'cause ponies are totally cool... and if I win can I have it coloured in in crayon rather than pencil or texta? I like crayon pictures best. Kthxbai.

  12. I will sleep holding your pony picture next to my heart.

    (See the two fingers going into my mouth and the retching motions?)

    Too cool, I want that pony!


  13. I was never allowed to get any pony when i was young:-( parents were so strict so now i have a chance for 1 hahaha yay! "gimme my pony" oh prutty pleaseeee!

  14. If you colour it in real good ill even stick it on my fridge for you ;o)

  15. I want to win so I can put it on the fridge and pretend I have a girl instead of 3 boys...

  16. I need to win this. See, its my son's grandmothers birthday coming up, and we normally give her a framed drawing, but he has lost his drawing mojo. So, I need your colouring in so I can fob it off to his gran as his own work.

    The result? Everyone happy, you because it gets framed, me because I don't have to listen to my son whine about about him draw, my son because he doesn't have to draw and granny, coz he gets a lovely picture of a pony "from" her grandson.

  17. A horse once kicked me in the stomach. Or the head. I can't really remember lol

  18. I just spent a good 30 seconds clicking your blog background, incorrectly believing myself to have somehow highlighted your entire page and rendering it all a lovely shade of blue (that colour you get when you highlight stuff). I need to back away from the 'putie. Clearly, I need a win.

  19. Yay for getting your very own
    I SO want to win this. If I win, I will frame it.

  20. Now you know how much I want a pony ... this would be an awesome substitute, that I would display on my wall with pride (and probably pretend that I did it myself...)

  21. You suckered me back in with that Ginuwine line. I thought there would be karaoke, you lied. you. lied.

  22. My little pony..I love my little pony..I love my little pony..I love my little pony..I love my little pony..I love my little pony..I love my little pony..I love my little pony..I love my little pony..I love my little pony.. I don't know any of the other words but you get the jist.. Oh and if I win the pretty pony for my lil girl..I'll love you more than..I love my little pony! :D

  23. I don't know you personally but OMG you are a dag! LOL

    I want to win this prize purely so I can pin it up on the wall of my study & giggle every time I look at it!

    Congratulations on your Dot Com status too!

    Hope I'm not too late!!!


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