Monday, January 31, 2011

Tinkle Tinkle

This weekend, because Cyclone Bianca decided to not show up, I was fortunate enough to be invited (along with 5 lucky blog readers) to one of UWA Extension's Baby Talk seminars run by Caroline Radford & Caroline McMahon of Caroline's Angels - and if you haven't figured it out already, it was about toilet training.

Now I can't tell you everything I learned because that wouldn't be fair, but I can tell you that I had no idea toilet training wasn't considered a developmental milestone. There is no specific age range that a child is supposed to get out of nappies - it's dependent on quite a few things, amongst them:
  • a level of tactile awareness - you need to be able to tell when you're sitting in a wet patch
  • hormonal development - a full bladder creates a hormone message to the brain
  • an understanding of what just happened or is about to happen (in the nappy area)
  • a way to communicate their understanding by either words or actions

Plus I found out that night dryness is a completely different kettle of fish to day dryness - night wetting isn't considered a problem by the leading health officials until the child is between 5-7 years old. I'm not talking the occasional puddle in bed, I mean having to wear nappies every single night.

Am I the only one who had no idea?

I'd highly recommend checking out the remainder of the Baby Talk seminars (there is even one on sleeeeeeep!) or if that's not your sorta thing then UWA Extension have classes on everything from investing to beer tasting (Map Guy is interested in that one) and dancing.

If you think you need more than a two hour session you can contact Caroline's Angels directly through their website. In the fifteen minutes I was chatting with them after the seminar I got some fantastic tips to help Tricky sleep better and... THEY WORKED! 
This is an unpaid review, however I did receive complimentary tickets to the Baby Talk series
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  1. Good timing reading this - we officially kicked off the toilet training saga yesterday...

  2. Night time nappies seem to go on forever. Then all of a sudden you get dry nappies in the morning and your done!

  3. I am so upset i didnt get to attend this! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Darling 2 is fully toilet trained, but still wets the bed and refused to wear a night time nappy. The solution came when a friend put me onto a NZ company called They make these terrific half sheets that you put over the bottom sheet. So when Darling 2 tells me at 3am that she's wet her bed, I simply whip off the brolly sheet and put another one on in like, 2 seconds. I barely have to wake up.


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