Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Hire Power

Tricky is a seasoned car-traveler. We've made the six hour journey down south to visit his Albany Nanna and Grandpop a few times, starting when he was seven weeks old.

The Glow-mobile is packed to the ceiling with crap baby stuff every time. Clothes, cloth nappies, blankets, bibs, pram and portacot.

I do have an entire 4x4 Mum Tractor of space but what happens when I go to Sydney in March for the Aussie Bloggers Conference? I'll have excess luggage before you can say "That baby better not be sitting next to me!"

Well, thanks to Rock-A-Bye Baby Equipment Hire, I won't have to lug a portacot or a pram all the way to Sydney and worry about it getting lost or damaged in the cargo hold because they're lending them to me for the weekend! Yay! *Happy Dance*

If you're going to the conference and your little ones are coming with you (under two and they fly for free!) and don't want to be charged excess baggage or have to rely on kind strangers to help you carry all your crap baby stuff then give Rock-A-Bye Baby Equipment Hire a call.

They even have a Sydney Airport Concierge service where they will install your hired capsule in to your hire car before you arrive, plus gift certificates that make a fantastic baby shower present! How awesome is that?

But you don't have to be just visiting Sydney, hiring is a cost effective way to get great baby products for a fraction of the purchase price. Why spend hundreds of dollars on an exersaucer (is that not the coolest name?) that your baby can only use for four months when you can hire one for $75? Plus you don't have to worry about trying to store it or sell it after.

To hire everything and anything from strollers, highchairs, breast pumps, slings, gates to car seats and more, check out Rock-A-Bye Baby Equipment Hire's website, Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

Meet Glowless at the Aussie Bloggers Conference thanks to


  1. Way to go! Sure beats lugging all that equipment around!

  2. Great service! Glad to see you'll be travelling in style...

  3. I've been meaning to pop back to your blog for ages (its all so new to me this lovely community) and I am so glad I snuck over while my son slept today. I really love your stuff, and the whole look and vibe of your blog radiates happiness. I'll be picking your brains at Aussie Bloggers Conference for how I can improve my own :-)

  4. That's gotta be the best compliment ever! Thank you!


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