Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Letter to Tricky - Seven months old

Dear Tricky,

You've been up to quite a lot this month my boy!

After much fuss your first tooth finally arrived! Hooray! Your little white chomper caused you quite a bit of distress, even with your funky amber teething beads, but once it was through you were happy and smiley again. The second tooth really knocked you for six and you weren't a happy chappy at all, allowing Mummy to have only 1.5 hours sleep the other night. 

But back to happier things - we celebrated your first Christmas in style by having not one, not two, not three but FOUR family meals (no wonder Mummy is a bit more squishy than usual)! One in Perth and three in Albany - you even got to meet some of your Albany rellies that you hadn't met before. It was all very exciting and you got some lovely presents, although you did prefer the wrapping paper and the boxes just like we expected.

You had your very first dip in the ocean. Well, if you can call the wave tickling your toes before you screamed blue murder a dip. But hey, at least you thought the sand was pretty cool. Plus we got it on video and it'll make excellent viewing when you're older.

By far the biggest thing to happen is that you've figured out how to pull yourself in to standing. And for the past two weeks it's now your preferred position to be in All.The.Time. Your Nanny in Albany has been telling me how your Daddy walked early and she took one look at you and said "Oooh Map Guy wasn't doing it this early!" so I think you might be off and racing really soon.

Stand and Deliver. Or wave.
The only problem is your inner dare devil which makes you stand up using only one hand while you wave at me with the other (did I mention you've half figured out waving? It's adorable!). Darling, whilst I am proud of your new skills, please, while you're learning, use two hands to hold on - the bumps and bruises that are starting to appear as a result of falling from that extra height will have the authorities on our doorstep in no time.

It's a start of a brand new year, my gorgeous boy. Let's see what adventures it brings... hopefully ones that make you sleep more at night.

Love Mummy xxx


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  1. Oh gorgeous, gorgeous boy!!! Looks like he's going to be an early walker lol!!! Next it will be "look Mum, NO hands........"
    Hope you get somem sleep soon. When you find some, can you please share some with me xxx

  2. Awwww.... So sweet! How was traveling down south with tricky go? I usually go down to Albany to visit a friend's farm during Easter and I am not sure if I can do it with the LT.

  3. I'm not very good at sharing, but I suppose I'll make an exception for another sleep-starved mama!

  4. Tricky's done the Albany commute three times now - he just sleeps most of the way. Have had a few roadside feeds though in the pullover bays when he started crying and the next town was still 50km away!

  5. although they're more personal posts, i always like these letters to your kids :)
    can't tell you enough to keep it up and BACK them up for later reference. your boy will LOVE them.. maybe not as a grumpy teen but at the latest when he's got his own little sunshine - so keep it up!


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