Thursday, January 13, 2011

Harley Birthday

It’s my Dad’s 60th birthday today so I went with him and my Mum to the local marina for ‘lunch’.

Why ‘lunch’? Well because it was really a ‘going to the marina for lunch but only so we could go to the pick-up location of the surprise Harley Davidson Trike Tour without him getting suspicious’ kinda thing. My Mum even chucked in a sly “Hmmm should we go to the marina or King’s Park?” to throw him off the scent.

My Dad hasn’t been on a motorbike since 1982 when he had a massive crash. He was hit up the rear by a car, went flying in to the road, and then went under a bus. Lovely.

I didn’t think until we got there that he might actually not want to get on the bike. It’s been many years but the accident changed his life forever – he could no longer work after because he was so badly injured. He was in a lot of pain and to this day, still is.

The aftermath of my Dad’s accident wasn’t very fun for my Mum either; she had three kids under three, one of whom was dying, and now she had an injured husband and bugger all in the way of income.

But he got on.

And because it was a trike, so did I! Woo! High fives all round.

30 minutes of pure awesomeness followed.

Zooming up the coast road was just amazing. Though the bit where the biker (as opposed to bik-ie) let go and waved his arms in the air was enough to make my Dad’s already weak heart go a little fluttery. But hey, you don’t argue with a man the size of a brick shit house, dressed head to toe in Harley Davidson gear, with tats all over him and a handle bar moustache (If the guy hadn’t have been so stereotypical I would have felt a little jipped).

He really enjoyed it and it didn’t make his heart explode, which is great because I gave him a voucher for a flying lesson!

Happy 60th Birthday KC, break out the pension card!

 Crossing off #4 on my Thirty before 30 list!

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  1. Sounds like he had a brilliant time!

    I've seen those trikes and have often wondered whether it's worth paying for a ride on one - suppose it would be a bit of a treat and different for the Guv - he gets carted around on the back of a bike/trike rather than riding his and carting me around LOL

    Hope your Dad enjoys the flying lesson!

  2. Happy birthday glowless's dad! That looked like a fun ride. The bike-r seems err... Friendly. Hehehe

  3. Wow, haven't your parents been through a lot together.

    Great pressie idea, I'm glad you got to share that with him. Looks like it was a gorgeous day of sunshine for the occasion too. Noice :)


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