Thursday, January 6, 2011

Please Support Lori @ RRSAHM

Lori, the amazing woman behind Random Ramblings of a Stay At Home Mum needs our help.

She has asked for your prayers and thoughts for her husband, Tony. He is in intensive care, fighting for his life.

Tony is the major breadwinner in their family... and the stress of finding money to put food on the table and pay the bills is something she really doesn't need right now... it's also one thing we can help with.

Money doesn't fix things. It doesn't even come close. But it can be one less thing she has to worry about.

Emma from Mind Your Mum (Lori's long time BFF) and I would like to ask you to please spare some change?

This widget has now been removed
Thank you to all who contributed over $4000 was raised
to support Lori and her children as Tony sadly passed away a few days later

(You can put this widget on your own blog too - see where it says "Add to Site")

I'd like to point out that Lori is unaware of this as yet - she has not asked for money, just your prayers.

Thank you so much for supporting Lori, Tony, Chop & Bump.


  1. Thank you, your support means so much.

  2. Thanks for setting this up for Lori. xoxo

  3. Trying to add the paypal widget to my site but it's not working. Argh.

  4. Lovely idea, I am sure Lori will greatly appreciate this.

  5. Thanks for doing this, GL. I'll now post the widget on my site.xx

  6. Widget post:) I think this is a fantastic thing you are doing.

  7. I think this is so great, what you're doing. I've added the widget to my blog and since reading this for the first time there has been so much money donated, it's truly amazing xo

  8. Hey! Thanx so much for visiting and following my blog - look forward to seeing you again real soon!

    Great to 'meet' you!!

  9. I am trying to add the widget also, and it's not working for me :(


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