Wednesday, September 14, 2011

He Did What!? Wednesday - By Eat Play Bond

Singin' In The Rain - By Eat Play Bond

My dear husband has many great qualities, he is very handy – he can build garages and renovate bathrooms; he can open the tightest pasta sauce bottles and rarely objects to copping a dirty nappy.

But chivalry has never been his strong suit. Mostly I am fine with this as I am not much of a girly girl and I prefer to do things myself anyway, but sometimes I have to wonder what it would be like to be treated like a lady…

One weekend we had plans to meet some friends at the pub for lunch. It had been pouring rain all morning and I was not all that keen on venturing out in the weather especially with a rowdy toddler in tow. As it drew closer to our booking the weather had improved so we figured that we may as well go, especially since hubby had already psyched himself up for a schnitty.

We loaded everything into the car and made our way to the pub, it was roughly a 30 minute drive from our place and it drizzled with rain the whole way, but not enough to be a problem. The pub was surprisingly packed considering the weather and we couldn’t get a park in the car park so we had to go down the street a bit to find a space. Once we had parked and husband was getting our daughter out of the car it started teaming down with rain. Luckily I remembered that we had an umbrella in the back of the car so I pulled it out and ran around to the other side of the car to shield them both from the downpour.

Once our daughter was out of the car we turned to walk towards the pub when all of a sudden I feel the umbrella get ripped out of my hands as I see dear husband bolt across the road with daughter tucked under his arm. Stunned I ran after him, possibly hurling abuse at the same time until we reached the shelter of the covered walkway. I was breathless from the sprint and quite certain I had steam coming from the top of my head but I was still yelling. Confused, he turned to see what all the noise was about only to see me standing beside him drenched down my entire right side with my hair plastered to my forehead and my mascara on my cheeks. I asked him why on earth he had taken off with the umbrella and he said that he didn’t want our child to get wet! Well, as long as you were concerned for the comfort and welfare of our little one, please, carry on.

I couldn’t help but wonder where he thought the umbrella had magically appeared from before it came to be in his possession but I was both humiliated and relieved to see that our friends had actually had the pleasure of watching the whole scene from their table. I sat through the entire lunch cold and with wet pants, but at least I didn’t have to explain to them why I had arrived looking like a drowned rat with bad makeup. I have since learnt my lesson and the car now has 2 umbrellas on standby should we ever find ourselves in a similar situation.
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Erin from Eat Play Bond is a super fab mama to one little gorgeous girl named Skye, though she answers to many nicknames including 'Punky Monkey' and 'Pumpkin Head'.

Before becoming a stay at home goddess, Erin was a wedding coordinator, an events manager and marketing pro meaning she can handle just about anything you throw at her, all while smiling and telling you your wedding dress looks amazing.

She can be found on Facebook and Twitter too.

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  1. You are clearly a better-mannered wife than me. I would have abused the crap out of him and guilted him into plying me with drinks and driving me home. (Unless you were breastfeeding of course.)

  2. hilarious.  i mean now.  not when it happened.

  3. I really missed the chance for an afternoon on the soup didn't I??? Not even breastfeeding to use and excuse, just too stunned to be thinking clearly :)

  4. Yes I laugh about it now, at the time...not so much, LOL.


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