Wednesday, September 7, 2011

He Did What!? Wednesday - By A Baby Called Max

Diagnosis: Man Flu - By A Baby Called Max

I’m only a newbie reader to ‘Where’s My Glow?’, but couldn’t resist responding to a tweet call out asking for stories that earnt the response “he did what?!?!”

My husband did just that. When I was 37 weeks pregnant.

You see, he went out with the boys one night, which in itself should have earnt him a “he did what?!” (what … with the distinct possibility that I could have gone into labour early with our first born child, while he was blind. drunk!). But no, that wasn’t the moment that this little story is about. It happened the next day, when he was flaked out on the couch, hungover beyond description, begging me not to make him come grocery shopping with him as he was “not in a good way”. Bastard.

So off I waddled. Took my first time pregnant arse (who took the eating for two thing a little too liberally whilst pregnant) off to Coles. On my own. Angry. And thinking I was a god damn pregnant superhero. I got all the groceries. All of them. And came home even more pissed off than when I left.

And he was still on the couch when I got home. Watching as his 37 week pregnant wife struggled in with all of the groceries. Not a move from Mr. Chivalrous. And then I went back to the car to bring in a sack of potatoes. On each arm! And it was only then that he looked up and asked, “are you right there, babe?”.

He did what?!

Yes. He really did. Jerk … ;)
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Cherie is from A Baby Called Max. Or, more accurately, a baby called Max is from Cherie.

Originally from Radelaide but now living it up in Melbourne, she's a writer at heart but also a registered nurse who loves to cook.

A married mama of one (the afore mentioned Max), Cherie says she's not cool, calm and collected but the chaotic scene she finds herself in is most definitely a blissful one.

Her blog is super pretty with birds, butterflies and bunting. You can check her out on Facebook and on Twitter.

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  1. Love it. Salute you for not repeatedly beating him over the head with the sack of potatoes.  That is what I would've done. Really.

  2. Carly @ My Life in ColourSeptember 7, 2011 at 11:59 AM

    LOL How many men get the 'I'm a beached whale' period at the end of pregnancy?!  None I'm sure.  I like Parental Parody's suggestion on what to have done with the potatoes [chuckle]

    To tag onto your story... my friends husband did a McDonalds drive-thru detour at 1am on the way to hospital... while his wife in the passenger seat was in labor.  I hope your man learnt his lesson at 37 weeks and for the next few was a little more supportive!

  3. and you let him get away with it..... i would have belted him or put the couch outside and told him that is where he is sleeping for the night! you probably would have had to call in some assistance to move the couch mind you....

  4. Ohhhh trust me, he will not get away with HALF as much in future pregnancies as he did during pregnancy #1.

    I put it down to first time pregnancy naivety.

    Next time, potato sacks will be involved ...

    And heads will roll ;)

  5. I love reading stories of how those without an endless supply of helpers live.  I am still trying to read past you went grocery shopping.  My father Tom kept me in isolation for the 1st 6 months of my life to which I am still in therapy for.....that in itself should be a "he did what?"

  6. She should have "accidentally" dropped the potatoes on him...

    Why is Adelaide being called Radelaide on tne internet?
    Is there some joke that I'm not in on?


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