Thursday, September 29, 2011

Postcards from the Edge (of Nepal)

Not content to just donate to charity, my sister, the fabulous Aunty Penny, is currently on a solo trip in Nepal teaching English to underprivileged kids at a monastery school.

Doesn't that sound so cool? It's a little bit Angelina Jolie of her, except that there are no rainbow babies and no Brad Pitt just a Sherpa with some teeth missing and a Yak.

So I've pilfered her photos and come up with this fabulous list. You're welcome.

The top 10 tips for traveling in Nepal
(by someone who hasn't actually gone there)

1. When traveling to Nepal you'll want to pack for a range of weather conditions. Make sure to borrow your sister's suitcase because it's bigger than yours and then ensure the lock malfunctions so you can't open it without the aid of a hacksaw

2. Getting around in Nepal is quite easy and cheap, especially if you use taxis with posters of Avril Lavigne on the roof

3. If you don't manage to find a teeny bopper taxi then you could always use a space craft to get around. It makes the trip to the top of Everest a hell of a lot quicker

4. Be sure to check out the markets because shopping is great in Nepal, especially for fabric

5. The Nepalese people have a rich, religious culture. While you're there, make sure to pay your respects to the Holy Men - they accept donations in the form of cash or shampoo for their two metre long dreadies

6. In the event of an earthquake, make your way to your nearest cafe and enjoy wine and wifi. Tweet home that you're safe and brag that you've now one-upped your sister who has never been in a natural disaster

7. Be careful of cows. They have right of way and will often just sit wherever the hell they like. Making hamburger jokes and mooing is optional

8. If a complete lack of local safety regulations doesn't bother you, strap yourself to a hunky man and jump off the side of a cliff. The view will be fabulous and if you land without dying or breaking your leg you'll have a great story to tell

9. If after your death defying paragliding stunt you need to unwind, consider a massage. Great for those who are "being in a heap" - performed with medicine oil by professional expert Miss Jelly

10. If you'd like to feel better about your rich white person status then head to a tiny village and teach English to some gorgeous kids who look like they're about to sing in a Qantas commercial. Pose for photos and give them lots and lots to stickers to shut them up encourage them

Miss you, Aunty Penny. Come back safely xxx

Have you traveled anywhere cool? Upload your strangest travel snap to the Where's My Glow? Facebook wall so we can all have a laugh.

~ Follow Aunty Penny on Twitter. Her #firstworldproblemsinathirdworldcountry tweets are hilarious ~


  1. I don't even know what to say. Y U SOOO FUNNY? <3

  2. Love Nepal! You are pretty spot on with your tips too! We were there at the beginning and end of our trek through Tibet to Everest base camp. (yep, just wanted to say that!) Amazing place. Will have to dig out some of our ridiculous photos x

  3. "Dear Human, Just feel me"
    The cows obviously don't have right of way for that.

    QANTAS commerical kids, so that's where you've been hiding out?

  4. "DEAR HUMAN! JUST FEEL ME" I can't see the rest of the photos properly as I am laughing so hard there are tears rolling down my cheeks and gasp noises being made. Definitely heading over to twitter to follow Aunty Penny now.

  5. Dear human, this was awesome! I'm going back to being in a heap now, possibly from being trampled by cows as they chewed on my metres long dreadies mistaken them for dead grass. Off to follow Aunt Penny..

  6. I don't know what's braver, jumping off the side of a cliff, or touching those very, very, very long dreadies.   *shudders*

  7. hehe - the hacksaw and suitcase incident was the worst!  Hello everybody :)

  8. I have a heapache. Though I don't think I'm ready for Miss Jelly.

  9. Where did my comment go - boo! I love Nepal and your tips are pretty spot on! We were there at the start and end of our trek through Tibet to Everest Base Camp (yep, just wanted to say that :)
    Amazing place! Will have to dig out some of the funny photos and head to your FB page xx

  10. If I ever travel to Nepal, I am totally taking you with me as my guide. You obviously have the whole thing worked out. :-)

  11. I love when things get lost in translation.  I'm going to look through my travel photos and see what I can find.

  12. :-) Those dreads are making me gag! 

  13. oh my goodness,thankyou for the much needed laugh!! dear human bahaha

  14. I want a tee shirt that says that: Dear human, just feel me


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