Friday, September 16, 2011

FlogYoBlog Friday: The Time Flies Edition

Hey hey Flogerinos.

Where were you this time last year? Do you remember? I know exactly where I was and can even tell you what I was wearing, what I ate and who I saw...

Yesterday marks exactly one year since my then three month old Tricky had his first surgery to correct his Craniosynostosis. Our Cranioversary!

Where has the time gone? I remember it like it was yesterday. The waiting, the bandages, the swelling, the morphine and the extremely uncomfortable 'sleeper' chair that was most definitely not made for sleeping in.

I remember thinking, even though my boy was having his skull cracked open, how lucky we were. A funky noggin is nothing in the scheme of things, really. 

It has been a massive twelve months and a particularly taxing month so I'm taking a slight step back from the blog. I will still be here but I not going to commit to posting every weekday like I have been.

I need a bex and a lie down I think. And a Flog, obviously.

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  1. Aww bless.  A bex and a lie down.  You do mean a Toblerone cocktail and some trash TV, no?  Also, a big fat woohoo for finally making it in first.  Yes, this excites me greatly.  Yes, I've been sitting and hitting refresh on your page for about 20 minutes.  Yes, my world is really that small.  See you Monday where you can congratulate me on finally coming first in something.  Peace out.

  2. Good on you for knowing when to rest up a bit. Smart girl.

  3. Happy Cranioversary. I read your post about it earlier in the week, how wonderful that you managed to realise that Tricky had it so young. My little girl was born with Syndactyly (her fingers were joined together). She had to have an operation when she was 1 to have them separated. Not even the same league as what you have been through, but I know how traumatic I found it, I can only imagine how traumatic your experience was, and what a relief it must be to make the 1 year anniversary of the first surgery. Hope you find a way to celebrate, and I completely understand you wanting to step back a little with your blogging, but please not too much! I really enjoy reading your blog.
    Hope you have a great day, and a lovely weekend,
    xx Sannah

  4. I still remember reading thost posts, back on Kidspot.  That's when I first "met" you.  Look how far we have all come....  Have a nice rest...

  5. Happy 500 follower anniversary. That's not what I was going to say, but I just noticed that you had a lovely number!

    I understand your need to slow down. Blogging can be such taxing work. Oh, and happy Cranioversary? Big thing that.

    Take care, sweetie!


  6. There is a cetain sense of relief and awe looking back at some of the tough times really. But it makes us more appreciate the now and look forward to tomorrow.

  7. Glad that Tricky is okay and you CAN celebrate the anniversary. Hope you have a good break- sometimes taking that time is important and you have had a pretty rough time lately. Hugs xx

  8. You deserve at least a cocktail and a foot massage.  Thanks for the flogging and the blogging. xxx

  9. Have a break Hun. There's only one Glowless!!

  10. Bahaha congratulations. I will have treats capable of putting you in a diabetic coma on Monday. BYO Insulin.

  11. I think any surgery on our kids is massive. It's the same anaesthetic and the same feelings of hopelessness as you stand around waiting, watching the clock tick.

  12. It seems a lot longer than a year ago, Dorothy :)

  13. Oh wow I didn't even see! How cool :)

  14. Definitely. I had a bit of a cry last night looking through his photos from surgery, remembering it all.

  15. If people around me would stop getting sick and dying suddenly it would be really appreciated.

  16. Happy Cranioversary!
    And lots of hugs and love to you.

  17. Hello Mummy of little boy who's cranio thingy anniversary is here. Awwwww. Sleeper chairs. Hey, no-sleeper chairs. No parent can possibly rest in hospital. 
    I know you are having a bloggy floggy breaky and I am definitely understanding. 
    The past two weeks in particular have been  dddddd rrrr   aaaa  iiiii  nnnnnn  iiiiii nnnnnnn ggggg
    what with 9/11 and R U OK. Definitely hugging Tricky times and outside for a while, hey! Am sending you a "he did what" through this week...probably after you lots Denyse XX

  18. There is no way I can post 5 days a week - just too hard.  I remember when I decided that 3 times a week would be my minimum, any more would happen if I felt like it and had the time.  It was quite a relief!  Hope you have a lovely rest.

  19. Happy cranioversary to you all! A bex and vodka chaser is well deserved xxx

  20. I know the feeling of an anniversary of a major event, next Saturday is a year since I had a massive vat accident that changed my life. I haven't been at work since, have spinal injuries, neck, hip n PTSD. Annuversaries of events like mine n yours is different, more stressful, brings up so many emotions. I'm trying to keep mysel busy on the anniversary and surround myself with supportive people. I'm celebrating I'm alive and though my life has changed it could have been a he'll of a lot worse. Take the time to appreciate your son and the things in life we sometimes take for granted, share it with those you love, tell them you love them and focus on the good things in your life! Let me know how it is going through the anniversary, I get a bit nervous thinking bout it! Xxx

  21.  A year ago today I was sleeping at my mom's house after driving straight through the night from California after my grandmother's funeral.  I had missed my husband's birthday and birthday party.  I was tired and sad, but thankful to be with my mom. This year, I was home with my boys, celebrating my husband's birthday.  A totally different year.

  22. Oh my God, you had hard days, wish you to have no more like them and be very very happy! To count the time only by the happy events!


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