Monday, March 1, 2010

Budget: Mission Impossible

I now understand the pressure the treasurer feels each year when he hands down the budget. Some people will be happy, laughing all the way to the bank, whilst others will miss out and have to make each dollar stretch further. Fitting everything you want in to a budget is hard work, and I'm not sure my experience with budgeting has me in a very strong standing to be our next federal treasurer... because I've FAILED.

The initial mission was to spend $1000 on Tricky's first year of life, not including medical expenses. Well pretty soon after looking at the prices of everyday items that was blown well and truly out of the water and instead it became a budget for getting ready for Tricky's arrival, in other words preparing a nursery.

So what goes in a nursery budget? Things that I immediately thought I would not include in the budget would be baby wipes and the like that I could just put in to our weekly grocery list (I could always forgo my packet of Magnum icecreams if needed). But then I decided that I would purchase modern cloth nappies instead of disposables – now if I'd gone down the disposable path I'd probably have included them in the weekly shopping too (possibly causing us to swap to homebrand tomato sauce, even if it is like flavoured water), but the environmentalist in me means I've put the bulk purchase of cloth nappies in to the budget... and it's not liking it one bit. Kermit was right when he said it's not easy being green.

With eleven weeks to go before Tricky is born I've gone over budget by $149.50. I could have rounded that up to make it look prettier, but the psychological effect of that 50c is HUGE! I originally included maternity clothes in the budget but as I got nearer and nearer to the big $1K I took them off.

The breakdown of things I've purchased from most to least expensive:
Modern cloth nappies $240
Pram from ebay (RRP $400) $230
Drawers from ebay (RRP $300) $192.50
Cot from gumtree $150
Change table/bath from gumtree $90
Primer/paint for cot $55
Hugabubg from gumtree $50
Sheet sets x3 from BKM $47
Baby monitor from gumtree $25
Window shade $18
Jolly jumper from BKM $10
Nappy bag (RRP $90) from BKM $10
New Romper $10
Baby gym from ebay $8
Books from BKM $6
Rattle (so cute couldn't resist) $4
Shoes from BKM $3
Wall vinyls from ebay $1

All that equals a whopping $1149.50

I still need to buy paint for the walls, some shelves, a nappy tub and a car seat that will cost about a million dollars (one thing I don't want to buy second hand). I guesstimate that I'll end up spending about $1700. Failed. Big fat F on my report card.

But then again, it depends what you think failure is. Do I really think I've failed? Nah. I'm actually pretty chuffed at what I've achieved and how much I've learned. I was never in to buying second hand, but now I think I'm addicted. Why pay so much money for something that is going to be drooled on and chewed for a few weeks before Tricky either outgrows it, destroys it or becomes tired of it?

Through my searching for bargains I've come across not only some fantastic websites and markets, but some really lovely people who when hearing of my self imposed budget were more than happy to throw in a freebie! Though the kindness of friends, strangers and some excellent websites I've scored a bunch of stuff that helped the budget a lot! The freebies include:
  • Pram cover worth $50 from one of Hubby's workmates
  • A heap of baby and maternity clothes from a friend with a 5 month old
  • About ten baby blankets and books from Yoink
  • Vibrating bouncer from Gumtree
  • Baby gates from a friend (who got them from another friend at his work)
  • A change table mobile from the lady who sold me her baby monitor
So yes I've gone over budget and yes, I'm going to go even further over. But I've not scrimped on quality, nothing I've bought would endanger Tricky (I removed the razor wire from the bouncer and will make sure to get rid of the broken glass from the cot before I put him in it), and as a result when I stop working and again when he's born we won't have to struggle to make ends meet. It also means we can use the baby bonus on the truly important things in life, like plasma TVs.

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  1. Hahahahaha Plasma Tv!! Which would be a lot easier if the stupid government didnt change it to being $400 a fortnight instead of a lump sum of $5000. I was extremely lucky and had everything I needed given to me. My sister gave me pretty much everything my almost now 2 year old little neice had outgrown, and my mum and sister put in together and got me a car seat and I got a cot....wait for it... off the side of the road. I hear gasps and ohhhhhs as I type this!! Yes its the third child ofcourse because if anyone had even mentioned using something like thst with number 1 I would have been mortified. Brand new all the way for number 1 or from a well known family member. And even then it would have to be washed and scrubbed and dissenfected 5 times or more. But your very clever Glow-less as I only learnt on the second child that they grow out of most things within the 1st year and some even by 6 months or so and its just not worth spendin the money on things when there are perfectly good things sitting and waiting to go free or very cheap to a new home that are close to brand new and have'nt been used for very long at all.Unless you have thousands to throw around its just not worth it!! I know people that have spent thousands on just the cot itself and they were happy to do that because 3 thousand is just a very small portion of their pays per week, but for the average person these days its just not reality. So I agree as long as its safe and clean for your child they really will not thank you for spending money on brand new things nor will they curse at you for getting second hand stuff. Well done Glow-less you've done a excellent job!!


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