Monday, July 11, 2011

Funky Handmade Toys

Recently I went looking for a Tricky sized tshirt with a tie for our Royal Wedding party - just because you're a baby doesn't mean you're exempt from fancy dress parties. I found the cutest little tshirts with colourful funky ties at MeGuy Designs, but alas, it was the day before the party and it takes at least a week to get anything to WA so I had to do a dodgy job of it myself.

But I checked out the rest of the site to see what I could find and ended up ordering two awesome handemade baby toys for my friend who was due to have a baby any minute because I like to support SAHM and WAHM businesses.

I ordered a custom matching Psycho Cube and a Daggy Taggy.

I hear what you're saying, "a psycho what now?". A Psycho Cube, dear readers, an awesome jingly toy with bright fabrics and different textured loops. And a Daggy Taggy is just what it sounds like - a cloth with lots of different textured and coloured tags, great for little fingers to grab hold of.

Mrs MeGuy stocks a wide variety of funky fabrics to choose from (she even has The Hungry Little Caterpillar and Dr Seuss material!) or you can give her creative freedom like I did - I asked for something that didn't look like a fairy had thrown up on it, but would appease my friend's need to have everything 'girly'. I think she did a brilliant job!

To get your mitts on a some funky handmade baby and children's clothes, toys and accessories head over to MeGuy Designs and be sure to check them out on Facebook too for the specials!

Disclaimer: I ordered and paid for my MeGuy Design products myself, no compensation was offered or accepted for this review. I chose to review it in order to promote an Australian SAHM/WAHM business. All opinions are my own.


  1. They might be daggy but taggies are a lifesaver. I promise I didn't douse mine in ether but you'd be forgiven for thinking so the way they put my boys to sleep... best things ever....


  2. I totally made one of those cubes in high school sewing.  I am pretty sure my mother still has it.

    I could sell it for a fortune as 'vintage'!  HUZZAH!

    And I make awesome cookies, where is my blog post?  Bitch.

  3. Both of my kids have something similar to the daggy but we call it "woobie". (Just like from the movie "Mr. Mom".) They are really a life saver- snuggle, sniff, snore. Works every time. :-)


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