Monday, July 18, 2011

Blogopolis, Here I Come!!

Remember this sign???
Well, after a bit of emailing, a coffee at a local cafe, and a bit more emailing I'm happy to announce that Piccolo Innovations have come on board as my Blogopolis sponsor!

Piccolo Innovations is a new WA based company run by Morna Frankowiak. This woman is amazing.

Morna is a single mum of two teenage boys, works full time and is now running her own business. And if that's not busy enough, she wasn't entirely fulfilled with her work so she's also just about to complete her degree in nursing for a mid-life career change!

To fit everything she does in to one day I'd need a nanny, a cook, a cleaner, a personal assistant and a chauffeur.

The product that has just been launched is the European influenced, Australian designed Boomer Highchair. A funky chair that grows with your child. Tricky has been putting it through it's paces for the last week and there will be a proper review very shortly, but I can tell you now, it rocks (not physically, it's very secure!).

For now I want to say a massive WELCOME to Piccolo Innovations!  I'd love it if you could check out their great products at their website and like them on Facebook, just to show some support to the people who support Bloggers!
Multi talented, I made this gif!


  1. Well Done Piccolo! Good choice xx

  2. Awesome! Wish I was able to get there and meet you! Congrats on the Sponsorship, takes the stress out of it. x

  3. Wahoo!!! 

    Wow what an amazing woman, all that plus she supports other mums - Wonder Woman! 

  4. Gemma @ My Big NutshellJuly 18, 2011 at 4:37 PM

    I haven't even checked out the highchair and already I am excited!

  5. Wohoo Glow & Piccolo. That's excellent! A great investment :)

  6. Congratulations! That's fantastic news and it looks like a great product to be associated with too.

  7. Well done on a great synergy - looking fwd to the review.
    Nicole x

  8. How cool is that! The sponsorship, the chair, the support, Morna, YOU, YOU in Melbourne... That's what I call an all-round freaking awesome situation!

  9. Fantastic news for you, and well done Piccolo for supporting a fabulous blogger!

  10. oh congratulations!

    Also, that chair looks amazing... I don't have a high chair for Lola yet either, will look into it!


  11. I am so glad that Piccolo Innovations have introduced the wonderful wooden chair.  I first saw them in Denmark where this lad of 13 was still using it as his favourite because it was his baby chair!  I hope she does very well with the sales of the chair...

  12. So glad you found such an awesome sponsor. :)

  13. I just told Pal he wants three of these.  He said he would *mumble mumble mumble* as he walked away.  Do you think that means I've got a chance?
    Well done! What a great sponsor - perfect match or what?!


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