Friday, July 22, 2011

FlogYoBlog Friday: The Pie Face Edition

SPLAT! A pie in your face, Floggers!

This week the News Of The World scandal has been beamed live to lounge rooms everywhere. Or in my case, beamed live to my Twitter stream.

There has been one thing about the whole sorry saga that has disappointed me more than anything else...

The pie was made of FOAM and not CREAM! This is a travesty!

If one must suffer the humiliation of pie-in-face then the pie-r must be considerate enough to make it with cream so the pie-ee can lick his chops. All Mr Richy Pants Rupert can taste right now is a lovely cocktail of chemical gunk and artificial fragrance (have you ever accidentally tasted pefume? Ick).

I like my humiliation to taste sweet, sort of like humble pie which is fine and dandy when made from apples and served with custard.

And let's not forget to give massive kudos go to Mrs Richy Rich Wendi Deng for her right hook.

And now let's all sing along in a rousing rendition of 'Stand By Your Man' and get to Flogging!

The Rules
(As stolen from Lori, thus making Baby Jesus cry... sorry)
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  1. Just realised I was in super quick this morning- I even beat you Glow :) Lucky! Also, I am so over the News of the World thing already, but the right hook was pretty impressive ;)

  2. I heard Wendy Deng used to play volleyball - have a look at the perfect 'spike' when she cops that clown across the head!

  3. Wendy is my Hero of the Week!

  4. Thank you sweetie for the opportunity...I have not been here for awhile....not because I do not want to...but life can be a cat race at times...and today is going to be a  trying one for me...but on the positive side I actually made it here this week...Have a great weekend:)

  5. Oh a LMAO every time I see that footage. I can still hear Karl Stefanovic's commentary going "Wendy Deng DANG"

  6. You think the cameraman could have at least gotten us a better angle. Sheesh...

  7. The Workaholic was so excited to show me the Wendy Wallop last night when he realised I had not seen it!  He was so animated (a rare occurence).  I realised late last night it combined two of his favourite things, a much younger, trophy, gold-digger wife and an indignant bit of biff!!

  8. Foam pie? I'm not sure I'm a fan either. 

  9. I have a dodgy internet connection at the moment, keeps dropping out so last week I was #3, this week #2. I miss my #1 spot :P

  10. I completely understand the feeling Marthese! Enjoy your weekend too.

  11. I would be more offended by the foam than the act of pie-ing.

  12. My first FYBF! OK so I'm only #73....maybe I'll do better next time....

  13. Thanks for linking up, Ashley!


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